Will Emerging

He's starting to act more like himself, that boy of mine. Still groggy and tired (wouldn't you be if you'd just had brain surgery?) but showing signs of the Will I know and adore. Singing. Laughing. Active.

He got the royal treatment this morning -- two neurosurgeons and two PAs made the rounds to see him. The CT scans look good -- improved even from the prior three or four or however many he's had over the past six days. I've lost count.

He's there overnight again -- which is fine. Professional eyes can watch him while I try to close mine in search of rest.

I'm slowly breathing out. Expunging my anxiety with the adrenaline on which I've been running for days.

That's a good thing.

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Sherrie said...

Ah, singing and laughing are certainly a good sign! For us, when our son returns to playing video games and talking incessantly about pro wrestling after surgery, we know that he's well on the road to recovery. I hope that you'll have your little man back home soon, I know from experience that you can only eat in that cafeteria for SO long before you implode. We found that walking in that park-like area near the canal (right outside the cafe) was a great stress reliever, we tried to get out there at least once a day. Take care of yourself and your wee one!