How is it that I never realized until RIGHT NOW that Mick Jagger sings backup on Carly Simon's seminal "You're So Vain."

I'm listening to my Singer/Songwriter playlist on iTunes -- "You're So Vain" comes on and there, clear as a bell, is Mick's voice on the chorus.


Wonder if this means that the song is really about Warren Beatty? Or if it's really meta to have Mick singing on a song about him?

Hmmm. That's making my head hurt. Time for caffeine and a NutriBreakfast. Then I'll ponder this some more.

It's going to be one of those days.


Why, it's Clark! said...

This might be urban legend but I thought I read somewhere that somebody won a charity auction where the prize was Carly Simon her own self telling the lucky bidder the secret to that song, on the condition that they not tell anyone else. If that's true, at least two people out there know the real story.

citizen jane said...

I seem to remember reading something very similar, Clark.

We may never know the real story, but it's fun to speculate. Something I do on a regular basis. Speculate, that is.