Cheese of the Week

Marvin Aday. Meat Loaf to his fans.
"Paradise By the Dashboard Light."

My favorite guilty pleasure song.

My ultimate dream karaoke song -- still looking for my own personal Mr. Loaf with which to duet...ahem.

One of my 371 roommates in college (seriously, I had a jillion of them) had the 8-track for this in her car, some sort of Dodge sedan. We would all pile into the car, go pick up some hooch -- I was into Ripple on these occasions (yes, me and Fred Sanford are probably the only people you know who drank Ripple) -- and then drive around, looking for action.

Note: while the owner of said car swore that she drove better drunk than sober (which was very logical when you were a 19-year-old party girl in 1983 -- I know, I know, I know...) I don't remember her drinking on our joyrides. We didn't have common sense about much in those days, but in that area, we executed a wee bit.

I'm a little rusty on all the lyrics to all the parts of this song -- used to be able to do Phil Rizzuto's schtick pretty much word for word. Not so much anymore. But when this song comes on the radio or pops up on my iPod, you best beware or get out of the way because I'm gonna sing it full force.

Just like Mr. Loaf.

"It was long ago and it was far away and it was so much better than it is today..."


Sherrie said...

Woo hoo, you've made my day complete by including the mighty Meat on your blog! I've seen Meat Loaf in concert seven or eight times, three of which were from the very front row so I've been close enough during "Paradise" to feel the sweat fly. That was one of my favorite songs in high school, and it remains so today. (Honestly, I have like six versions of this on my iPod- one studio version and five different live versions. Insanity.)

citizen jane said...

Not insanity -- fun! My love for this song knows no bounds.

I can only imagine how the sweat did fly! oh my!