Unconscious Mutterings

Killing time until (A) the Oscars come on and (B) the mister gets back from the grocery with the foodstuffs for dinner prep (Poulet au Frommage. Ultimate comfort food. Chicken, egg noodles and lots of cheese. No, it's not NutriSystem approved. It's all about portion control, baby. At least tonight. Back on the NutriWagon tomorrow.)

Stumbled upon this little exercise at Unconscious Mutterings -- one of those "first word that pops into your head" things. Try it. It's fun.

Protocol :: Diplomatic
Girlfriends :: Lifesavers
Shoulders :: Achy and in need of a massage
Coming home :: Comfort
Let it in :: Peace
Honor :: Valor
Tyler :: Florence (Food TV dude)
Thriller :: better in '83; always better than "Off the Wall"
Angela :: Lansbury and Bassett
The winner is :: To be determined

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