Highlight of last night's Grammy Awards:

The Time! Morris Day! EEEEEEEEE!

...I, I've been watching you. I think I wanna know ya.
Said I, I'm a little dangerous. Girl, I'd love to show ya.

My jungle love, yeah. I think I wanna know ya.
Jungle love. Girl, I'd love to show ya.

You, you've got a pretty car. I think I wanna drive it.
I ain't playin', said I drive a little dangerous. Take you to my crib, rip you off.

My jungle love, yeah. I think I wanna know ya.
Jungle love. Girl, I'd love to show ya.

Come on baby, where's your guts? You wanna make love or what?

I wanna take you to my cage, lock you up and hide the key.
You only get water, baby. Cuz if you're hungry, take a bite of me....

Love this song. EEEEEEEEEEE!


Herbie Hancock? Really? Seriously? Over Kanye and Miss Winehouse?

You sure it wasn't Marissa Tomei?

I did read in some wire report that this is the first instrumental jazz album to receive Album of the Year honors since my beloved Getz/Gilberto back in the '60s. It was mentioned on another blog/message board that I frequent that perhaps the Grammy voters used this as a way to honor (just as Mr. Hancock alluded to in his acceptance speech) the jazz greats of the past -- Miles, Coltrane, Parker, Baker. Personally, I wouldn't give them that much credit, but it's perhaps a lovely byproduct to have some focus tossed on the genre as a whole..

I haven't heard Mr. Hancock's album, so I really can't speak to its merits one way or the other. But in a world where jazz is marginalized and often flies in the bunker below the radar, it's a very unusual choice when compared with more mainstream and yes, commercial options like Kanye or Winehouse or Foo. Now that the JazzFanGirl in me is awake and functioning, and the initial shock has worn off over this "upset" we're both hoping that this out-of-left-field win might bring some much-deserved attention to the amazing American art form that is jazz.


Fun Quote of the Night, courtesy of Vince Gill:
"I just had an award handed to me by a Beatle. Have you had that happen yet, Kanye?”

Awesome Quote of the Night, also courtesy of Vince Gill:
"Music is the real place where democracy lives -- every note is equal."

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