That's spelled j-a-n-e -- like Tarzan's friend...

I'd like to make the case for me to be the next Mother of the Year. Whenever applications come out.

Today, on the way to Will's school to get into afternoon car line, I made two stops. The grocery store. And the liquor store. To buy a bottle of the tequila that was used to make the Agave Nectar Margaritas I slurped down Saturday night. Thank goodness I'd taste-tested the stuff before I bought it -- or saw the price. I've never paid that much money for a bottle of alcohol in my life. There was a time in the distant past when I could have paid for a whole keg with what that one bottle of Mexican Fun Juice cost. But it's worth it -- damn, is it smooth. And I'm too old and snotty to drink cheap booze.

No such luck with the agave nectar -- too fancy-pants for my neighborhood A-B- Sleeze, I suppose.

After collecting Will, I decided that perhaps I might want something not quite so high-brow (and potent) to drink tonight while watching American Idol.

So off we went to the drive-thru liquor store that's on our way home. For wine coolers. Shut up. They're yummy.

Meanwhile, young William is in the back seat, hair blowing from the open windows and sunroof, singing along LOUDLY to the radio. Particularly "Start Me Up." And the "dead man cum" part. I couldn't get the window up fast enough at the stop light to prevent him from sharing his music with the car in the next lane. If you were next to us on First Avenue South this afternoon, my apologies.

So keep all this in mind when considering your nominee for Mother of the Year. I give good interview, too.

Pardon me while I dislodge my tongue from my cheek. I need to go chill my 'coolers for tonight.

PS: What kind of hostess would I be if I didn't share the margarita recipe that started all this nonsense:

Partida Agave Nectar Margarita
1-1/2oz. Partida Tequila Blanco, Reposado or Añejo ( I went with the Añejo)
1 oz. lime juice (app. the juice from one lime)
¾ oz. pure, organic Partida Agave Nectar (had to order this, unfortunately)
¾ oz. pure spring water

Shake all over ice -- serve either straight up or on the rocks, salt or no salt. All personal preference.

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