Tune In, Chill Out, Turn On

Groovy Web Stop of the Week: Imeem.com

A fab site where you can make your own cool, hep playlists and then share them wherever and with whomever you like.

So. Much. Fun.

I've been laboring for weeks, trying to figure out a way to get some tunes onto the blog. This site was the answer to my dilemma -- and here we are!

Pssst... if you join Imeem or are already there and want to friend me, I would totally dig it. I love learning about what other people are listening to -- even though it can get very expensive...

Rock on, mis amigos. Rock on.


SusanD said...

Synchronicity! I just ordered a new Cal Tjader cd last week! You have the best taste EVER.

citizen jane said...

Why, thank you lovey. You have pretty damn good taste as well. Pssst... If you dig Cal Tjader, you'll also dig Poncho Sanchez. And Tito Puente -- but that goes without saying ;-)