One. One Day Down...

We're at Stop #1: Atlanta in-laws.

The drive up wasn't terribly bad. I-75 was full of snowbirds driving their ginormous RVs back to their homes north of the Mason Dixon line -- obviously April 1 was the day to pack up the rolling homestead and head to parts not so hot and humid. I shudder to think about how much those people had to fork over in petrol costs. Yikes.

Speaking of the road... I swear that roads in Georgia have been under construction since Sherman first tore them up on his march to the sea in 1864. Honestly. I've never done the drive to Atlanta without encountering some sort of highway renovation.

We're just hanging out and visiting -- which has actually been quite pleasant. I was heartened to learn that my MIL watches not only Dancing with the Stars, but American Idol. Nice to know that even far away from home, I can still find ways to feed my TV addiction.

It's also been a very thought-provoking visit -- my half-niece-in-law has a little girl who has preliminarily been diagnosed with autism. She, ironically, has some of the same tactile and feeding issues that Will has. In an effort to help, my MIL created some worksheets to help Betsy (mom) get organized with everything she needs to do for her day. And they're really comprehensive and helpful -- so much so that I think that there's potential to market them to a larger audience. Oh, how I love a project like this...

And... I've been really good diet-wise. Turns out my in-laws are also on a health kick, so me eating my Nutri-Food has not been a problem. Glad I schlepped some along.

One day down. Six to go.


Jeff said...

Hey Jane-

Glad to hear day one was a success and you didn't get run over by snowbirds in a diesel pusher.

It always kinda perplexes me how when the folks retire and their senses wane, they get a giant RV that they can't drive.

You have me thinking about how much fun a road trip would be.


SusanD said...

You know, that is a great, helpful thought to have worksheets like that for parents to help them organize.

citizen jane said...

I agree, susan. When will finally came home from the hospital, I didn't know what end was up, much less have enough wits about me to be organized. I'm seriously thinking about pursuing this project -- while neither my MIL nor I have medical degrees, we've got the life experience and the lived-through-this experience, which has got to count for something.