Three Days Down. And All Is Well...

"Is that a boy or a girl? I can't tell with that long hair."

"Well, that was just beautiful. That little boy has such a nice voice. And so clean cut, too."

"I so love Dolly Parton. Although she does look like she had a bit of plastic surgery -- don't you think?"

"Look at that. Why are there two men dancing on 'Dancing with the Stars.' That is ridiculous. I don't care whether they're queer or not."

My night with the in-laws, watching American Idol, Dancing with the Stars. And Larry King. Plus Anderson Cooper. Quite an experience, let me tell you. My tongue is sore from all the biting it endured.

And nary an adult beverage in sight. Sigh.

We're packing up now to head off to destination number two: Knoxville, where my MIL lives. At least we're staying in a hotel for the rest of the jaunt. Although this leg of the trip hasn't been too bad, save for the 245-year-old mattress we slept on the past two nights. My back is really ready to get out of here. That twinge in the lower vertebrae is the tip-off.

Atlanta is beautiful in the spring. Dogwoods and cherry blossoms and azaleas in bloom everywhere -- Mother Nature's watercolor palette is quite classicially lovely. I've really never seen spring in the South before -- our version in Florida usually only involves oak tree pollen and the occasional blossom. So this is a nice treat.

Here's hoping that the next stop is as pleasant and stress-free as this one -- it's maybe been our best ATL visit in years. Hoo-frickin-ray. Will has been exceptionally good, only having one little meltdown yesterday afternoon, mostly because he was bored. Can't complain.

Three days down, five to go. And all really is well.

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