Flashback Friday: Open Arms Under the Sea -- It's Almost Paradise!

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Picture it... 1982. West central Florida. Girl with no serious beau needs date for senior prom. In steps platonic boy pal, one year older and a freshman at UF, who invites her to go with him.

The following is a dramatic reenactment of part of a phone conversation held approximately two weeks before said event:

Her: So I'm so excited about prom! It's so totally cool because dinner is part of the evening... and then after the dance there's that party at Stacy's* house and she's going to make her famous sangria fruit salad and my mom said I don't have a curfew that night and what do you think about having a cooler in the back of your car so we can sneak out for a drink and...

Him, interrupting: That sounds great. By the way, what color is your dress?

Her: It's powder blue, with little white flowers. It's really pretty. I don't have shoes yet to go with it and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my hair but...

Cut to Prom Night. Doorbell at Girl's house rings. Girl's younger brother goes to answer the door. Boy is there, flowers in hand. Wearing a powder blue tuxedo.

That's right.

Powder blue. With a ruffled shirt.

Check it out:

Stunning, isn't it.

Please note that Girl's hair is completely natural and she achieved that look without the assistance of any mousse/gel/styling products other than perhaps Final Net. (Although those Mamie Eisenhower bangs are more than a little scary. Yikes.)

Girl and Boy had a wonderful time at the dance. Boy bought some cheap champagne which they drank sitting on the hatchback of his Toyota in the parking lot.

Boy and Girl would remain good friends even through college. Girl often wonders what happened to Boy, as they lost touch too many years ago...

Good times, good times.

And good friends.


CableGirl said...

In all honesty, only in the 80s would a powder blue tux sound like a good idea. lol

Meg said...

Hey, I have bangs like that now. I love 'em! Great photo!

Kori said...

I was sitting there looking at the photos thinking, "Now what's wrong with THAT?" I love the bangs, LOL.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

What a great picture! Have you tried Facebook to find Boy?

Lilacspecs said...

I thought the plowder blue tuxedo was more circa the '70's. I wasn't born till '81 though so I guess I could be wrong. He pull sit off okay though, and it did go with your dress!

April said...

Awwww...the sentimental sap in me thinks how sweet of him! Totally misguided, of course, but very sweet.

jason said...

actually, that's the classiest looking powder blue tux I've seen.
(not that there's a lot of competition out there)