Fat Ass Update:

New jeans. Another size smaller. Making a total of four sizes down in jeans.

Am not quite physically up to my usual cardio workout *hack* so I'm setting for doing some upper body and abdominal work here at home. Have my hand weights right by the computer so when I'm waiting for something to load or reading an article (thank goodness for the verbosity of the Huffington Post), I can do a couple of sets of bicep/tricep/pec lifts. And I'm following the example of Dwight Shrute (how scary is that, I ask you) and using a balance ball as my office chair.

So far, so good. No injuries or mishaps. In other words, I haven't fallen off the damn thing. *knock on wood*

I've got our annual family holiday to the beach coming up in a month, plus a solo stint with pals in Vegas at the beginning of August. Total motivation.

Perhaps by then these little missives will be Not-Quite-As-Fat Ass updates. Cross your fingers. And help me count those sit ups while you're at it.

one. exhale. two. exhale...


CableGirl said...

Following Dwight's advice does sounds scary, but I sat on a balance ball pretty much exclusively for at least 6 months of my pregnancy. It's not a totally out there idea. lol

and way to make use of your time. lol

Vegas in August. Funny, I was thinking of heading out there then to see one of my best friends. When are you going? Wonder if our trips will coincide.

citizen jane said...

I'm finally using my need to multi-task for good, rather than evil. That's an accomplishment in itself.

I'm going to be in LV the first weekend in August -- going to the Regeneration tour gig (http://www.regenerationtour.com/) with some pals and we're making a holiday of it.

How cool would that be if we were there at the same time!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Congrats! Four jeans sizes is a MAJOR accomplishment! Brava!

April said...

LMFAO at "Fat Ass Update!"

Did you happen to catch Matt Taibbi on Daily Show last night? He's my latest crush.

citizen jane said...

No, I totally missed him -- I'm usually asleep by the time the Daily Show hits the airwaves.

However,I can understand the crush -- he's great. I read him in Rolling Stone. Might need to see if I can catch this on a repeat here.

SusanD said...

Big congrats, baby! Four sizes is a big accomplishment! Be proud! And I'm so glad you're healthy again!