Best Math Lessons EVER!

The always (and I do mean always) witty wordsmith Clark shared this site on his blog, and in the spirit of flattery, I pilfered it for my own.


song chart memes

song chart memes

Go check out the site: GraphJam. Do it -- you'll love it.

Note: the comments on the graphs are called TPS Reports. Genius.

PS: In keeping with the spirit of Kenny Week (because really, that's what it's become) here in jane's world...

song chart memes


Jill said...

OMG, that first graph about questions you ask yourself made me laugh. That's a good one.

I hope you're doing well.

Jill (mrstreme)

April said...

Those are great! Although for me, "How did I get here?" is usually followed with, "My God, what have I done?"

Sherrie said...

You can never go wrong with a Talking Heads reference. Rawk.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Nothing like some David Byrne wisdom.

Why, it's Clark! said...

Jane, you are far, far too generous with your praise. Thank you for the kind words.

Besides, I ripped this off from somebody else's blog.

CableGirl said...

Incredibly funny. Love it.

citizen jane said...

This stuff is addictive -- and I'm still giggling even now.

(PS: Clark -- not too generous. You and your writing make me laugh all the time. Seriously. And what is the internet for if not blatant poaching of other people's material for your blog...)