The Heart of the Matter


Just clicked on the home page of my local paper's website to see a photo of a house a-blaze with fire and destruction.

The home of a friend of mine.

Fortunately, she and her family are out of town on vacation. The only folks home -- their two doggies, who have been treated for smoke inhalation.


My friend and her husband, a state legislator, have two small children -- their son being just about Will's age.

They're on their way home to assess the damage.

I cannot imagine.

Not only have they lost their shelter, they've lost a sense of security.



Here in Florida, especially at this time of year, we make plans for "hurricane preparedness" -- what to do to try and protect your home, what to have on hand for supplies, what to take with in the event of evacuation.

That you can plan for. Kinda.

A fire -- not so much.


My heart aches for them -- not necessarily for the loss of "stuff", as it were. But for the memories that are now gone or tainted. For the loss of that sense of security. For the uncertainty they must be feeling.


What's really important.

Makes you think.


CableGirl said...

oh there is nothing like having your sense of security ripped out from under your feet....

Losing some "stuff" is nothing. Losing a home is a hell of a lot more.

I'm glad to hear no one was home (except for the rescued dogs) and that they family is still in good health. Here's to hoping that they can get back on their feet quickly in this horrific economy.

jason said...

Sheesh, how horrible. You're right, it's the loss of security that's worst.

April said...

Well first and foremost, I'm relieved to hear that everyone is safe, and that the dogs will be okay.
I wish them the best in this difficult time.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

My aunt and uncle lost the house they'd lived in for 52 years to a fire. It was one of those massive CA fires where entire neighborhoods were wiped out.

The hardest thing to lose were their photos.

My heart goes out to your friends.