It's official.

I am an Idiot. With a capital Id.

Thought I might do a little exercise in the office and threw in a workout mini-DVD into the computer player.

Which isn't built for mini-DVDs. The computer's not even reading that there's a disc in the player. And ergo -- I can't eject it.

See what I mean. Idiot.

Gotta figure out how to get the damn thing out without damaging anything else.

Suggestions welcome. Please. Help.

And mocking is fine as well. 'Tis deserved.

*goes off muttering*


CableGirl said...

Wow. tough call.... I'm not sure how you'd get it out without taking apart the drive...

no mocking, though... I've done way stupider things. lol

April said...

Ok, how weird is this? Our DVD player won't let a disc out (and it's the right size!). Every time we press Open, it thinks about it...and then proceeds to re-load the disc! So please, forward any suggestions back to me!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

No idiot there.... who knew? My sympathies. I'm afraid I agree with CG.

BTW... www.sparkpeople.com has free, 20 minute workouts online. It also has any other health/nutrition/fitness/weightloss resource you could imagine and it's all FREE.

For next time.