It's Music Monday and my key is 'round my neck

Time for the couples skate? Cool!

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You'll be glad you did!)

I have a new piece of workout equipment at my disposal -- roller skates. That's right.

Roller skates.

And not those new-fangled, fancy pants inline jobs either.

Mine are four-on-the-floor, old school quads, baby. Just right for a chick like me.

Haven't skated in years. But I always dug it. A lot. And was pretty good, if I do say so myself. Not much for the backwards stuff or anything really fancy. But I could zip around the rink with ease and lead a damn fine skate conga line. Wheeeee!

The days of afterschool skating parties and all night skates are gone -- even my childhood rink, the unfortunately yet fabulously names Gay Blades, is but a memory.

But I'm hoping to capture some of that youthful vigor and concept of exercise-is-fun when I lace up my skates and roll on down the road. Can't hurt to try -- unless I wipe out. So keep your fingers crossed.

And enjoy this little ditty, also from my youth. Roll on, y'all.

Brand New Key - Melanie


Wildhair said...

Are you venturing out sans helmet and pads? I might consider strapping pillows to my posterior.

Brand New Key. Wow! Now, that song conjures up some major league childhood memories. For one, I thought it was really about roller skating.

Lilacspecs said...

Squeeeee! I pink puffy friggin HEART this song!!!!!

Ruprecht said...

Rupe wonders why he hears the Xanadu soundtrack wafting in the air around him .....

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love this song, it makes me want to slap on my old skool skates and tie the rainbow laces in double bows!

FearandParentinginLasVegas said...

All skate - now reverse! You ARE going to let me buy you a drink when you're here aren't you?

On a limb with Claudia said...

Holy Crap - I haven't heard that song in a million years! I love rollar skating! I have a new pair of 4 wheels - which are awesome. I never could figure out rollar blade. My problem - no great places to skate here in Denver - land of perpetual road construction.... sigh.

Where will you go?

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Oh, TOTAL BLAST from my past!!! I LOVE this song and forgot about it. YAY!!!

Thank you, thank you, Jane!

soccer mom in denial said...

Love it love it LOVE IT!!!!! One of my bestest friends from college was a serious roller-skater. I think I may have to find a rink to drag her to.

Miss Attitude said...

I'm afraid of roller skating and girls' night this Friday is at a roller skating rink. The last time I went in middle school I left with a broken wrist! Can you say clutz? Maybe you can go and pretend you're me???