Putting My Mouth Where the Money Is...

(damn, does that sound dirty -- SO not my intent, believe it or not...)

I'm putting my foot down. Or rather, my hands down on the keyboard.

Enough pussyfooting around and paying lip service to this "oh, I want to be a real writer" bullshit.

I'm doing something about it. Starting right now.

I'm going to enter a writing contest. 1500 words about the most important day in my life... three guesses as to what day that might be?

I'm taking my blog entry about the day Will was born and tinker-tailoring it to be a standalone essay. At least that's my plan at the moment.

I'm determined this time to make good on my self-promise to see where this writing thing can take me. No distractions or diversions. *knock on wood* Hopefully no bouts of self-doubt or talking myself into believing I don't have the goods to follow my heart's passion for words.

I have a deadline: 11:59 pm, September 9, 2008. That's totally attainable. Provided I don't kamikaze my own damn self.

So here it is -- out there in print for the world (or the handful of y'all who read my blatherings) to see. Feel free to gently nag and ask how things are going -- that will be enough to trigger my finely tuned sense of self-guilt and get me moving if I've stalled.

This task I'm attempting may not seem big in the overall scheme of things as far as becoming a serious writer/author chick. But it's a step (with prize money involved!) And it's something I'm doing for myself. Which really ain't easy for me. But I believe it's necessary. And that's a step forward in itself.

Here goes. I'll keep you posted. Promise. I think.


perpstu said...

Good Luck! I wish I was brave enough to put my writing out there for all the world to see! You'll be great, I can't wait to see the essay!

Ruprecht said...

We're behind you all the way, cj.

I'll even man the baseball bat if'n someone decides to snigger.

.......................... Rupe

Wildhair said...

Gurrrrrl, your story about Will is phenomenal, heart breaking, inspirational ... I'm proud of you for pushing yourself. You'll rock it!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Good for you, Jane! You GO, Girl!

Try reading The Courage to Write by Ralph Keyes. It might give you a new perspective on becoming a "real" writer. I certainly don't agree with all he says (I'm pretty sure you won't, either), but he makes some good points.

Miss Janey said...

Great for you. Hapyp writing and best wishes.

Why, it's Clark! said...

Congratualtions, that's a huge step! You can count on my support wherever, whenever needed.

Melissa the 80s Queen said...

Jane, I had no idea you wanted to be a writer. That's great. We are in the same boat, maybe we can share the oars. I found your website off of Marissa's blog. Good luck with you story, let me know how it's going on the deadline.

SusanD said...

I'm so glad you're doing this, Jane. You ARE a writer, now you just need the rest of the world to know it. The essay will be great.