Thursday Thirteen I: Domestic Confessions

My Plurk pals cajunvegan and perpstu and fandpinlv inspired me to play with the Thursday Thirteen gang. Here's my inaugural offering.

Don't judge me.

Thirteen Dirty Domestic Diva Secrets

1. I am, at heart, and most everywhere else, a slob. Always have been, always will be.

2. I often forget there’s laundry in the dryer and must run air fluff to get out the wrinkles numerous times.

3. I have hurt myself cleaning the bathroom. Seriously.
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4. I am, at heart, and most everywhere else, a pack rat. My motto: I might need that sometime... the people at eBay send out a search party if I go a day without a visit. Yet I don't like garage/yard sales... weird.

5. I have the man-like ability to walk right by a full trash can and not think about doing anything about it. It’s a gift, I tell you.

6. I have gone and bought new underwear rather than doing laundry.

7. I have killed more herbs in the name of growing them myself than I can count. I’ve seen basil plants commit suicide when they see me coming, just to end things quickly and less painfully.

8. Will famously listens to and consequently sings terribly inappropriate songs -- on pitch, thank you very much. Current favorite song: Pete Townshend's "Slit Skirts." Told you.

9. I rarely, if ever, completely make my bed. It’s my favorite place to read/watch the telly/do my nails/take a nap/talk on the phone. If my WiFi ever reached through my thick plaster walls to the bedroom, I would never leave. I’d have to hire someone to come in and turn me so I wouldn’t get bedsores. Seriously.

10. I have worn bathing suit bottoms when I have run out of clean underwear. Not recently, mind you -- in college. But still.

11. Cereal for dinner? Great! Cap’n Crunch cereal for dinner? Even better!

12. Will’s favorite TV channels: Disney and Game Show Network. “Oooh -- it’s time for Card Sharks!”

13. The only reason I haven't lost this list is because it's saved in cyberspace. If it were a hard copy, then chances are I'd be frantically looking for it right now.

If your house is really a mess and a stranger comes to the door, greet him with, "Who could have done this? We have no enemies."
~ Phyllis Diller


Anonymous said...

I can relate to just about all of these, seriously. I've always been a slob too and you know what? I married one! Eek. When someone is coming over, we are like tornadoes trying to clean up. It's painful.

BTW, I'm soooo envious you are going to Vegas! That's my favorite vacation place :)

DrillerAA said...

Wonderful list. Actually I like cereal for dinner occasionally.
And yes, I have lost more things within the first five minutes of setting them down some where than I care to remember. I guess that's the problem, I can't remember where I sat them down.
Have a great T13.

Carol said...

That's pretty serious. I'm not a neat-freaque, but a semi-orderly environment soothes my soul. I think a totally orderly environment would send me to the loony bin, though. Semi is good.

cajunvegan said...

I swear: I am contemplating buying more underwear this morning to avoid doing laundry. And, yes, I have done it before. I've even worn Spanx when I have run out.

Oh, there will be drinks when you come to Vegas.

Lilacspecs said...

Strangely enough, I was pretty mùch just like that until I moved in with my boyfriend. Suddenly that recessive OCD gene from my dad kicked in and now I'm constantly tidying and wanting to choke my bf for walking by the trash can when it's full.

Wildhair said...

Me? Judge? You're talking to the woman who went out and bought pants in order to avoid washing the work pants in the hamper! lol

FearandParentinginLasVegas said...

What? you give perpstu and cajunvegan the love and none for me? Jeez!

Cute list. I love the herb garden. I do the same thing. Somehow every spring I forget I live in Vegas and try to grow chives. I hear them screaming now.

Anonymous said...

except for #7 & 14, I am afraid we are the same person! I can't wait to have cocktails with you in RL!

Firefly mom said...

Judge you? Nope. "Those in paper/book/clothes strewn glass houses shouldn't throw stones" :D

I haven't done everything on your list, but I *have* in my beginning domestic days thrown away cookware that couldn't be easily cleaned.

And we're a family of "setter-downers" - that means that if there's a flat surface, we're gonna set something there. And leave it!

Miss Attitude said...

I love this one! I may need to play Thursday Thirteen too:) I share some of those abilities too about the trash can, unmade med and the underwear!