So. This writing thing. I'm getting about the business of it.

Right. Now.


Although I think that my morning nosh of a NutriSystem Apple Scone and a YooHoo Lite is not the Breakfast of a Champion Writer. But my knee hurts too damn bad for me to stand at the stove and make some NutriEggs for a breakfast burrito. How sad is that.

(Sidebar: YooHoo Lite. The definitive definition of a Bad Impulse Buy. What can I say... I was tired, my knee was aching, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I think this is what Nancy Reagan was really referring to when she pontificated on the "Just Say No" thing.)

Here's what's on the docket today:

* I'm wordsmithing my contest essay.

Topic: "What was the most important day of your life?" Can you say hyperbolic? Damn.

Three guesses what day in my life qualifies as the most important... and the first two guesses don't count. My biggest challenge is going to be trying to get all my thoughts shared in 3000 words. As you know if you've checked out my Will Chronicles posts, I've got a lot to say on this subject. Deadline is in a month. I think I can handle that.

But feel free to ask me how it's going. Nothing motivates this Southern chick with a fear of disappointing people like some indirect, totally unintentional guilt. ;-)

* I'm penning a sorority recommendation for the daughter of a very good friend of mine. I love doing stuff like this -- it makes me happy to pass the torch of my college experiences along to a new generation. Although writing-wise, it's not a great challenge. However, my thesaurus is close by, as superlative adjectives are in play here and "great", "awesome" and "fantastic" can only go so far.

* I'm still noodling with a blog piece about my status as an Disorganized Liberal. The thoughts are there -- I just need to get them to a place where I'm happy with how they flow. Yeah, I know it's a simple blog item that will only be read by a handful of people (whom I love and adore for seeking out my blather... MWAH!) -- but it needs to be just right for ME. Frickin' control freak tendencies are seeping out here.

PS: I know it's rather meta for me to be writing about writing. But a girl's gotta start somewhere, right...


April said...

So how's that essay coming?

Miss Attitude said...

You're going to be great at this contest! As long as you put down the YooHoo Lite! What were you thinking???

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Actually, every Wednesday, writers write about writing via Becca's Byline. ;-) It's good to do some navel gazing once in a while.