OK. Break over.

And... we're back.

It only took 48 hours for my regular world to come crashing back into my post-vacation relaxed reverie. Actually, that's about 24 hours more than I thought I'd get.

Just got off the phone with the children's hospital, preregistering Will for an MRI next week. The neurosurgeon wants to run the test to check on the possibility of some funkiness with the shunt and the cranium. Seems that there was a little something-something on Will's last CT scan that raised an eyebrow. Better safe than sorry. I know. Probably nothing. Still not easy. Not at all.

(And I'm chugging YooHoo Lite like it's going out of style right now as a coping mechanism. Yuck. But I've got nothing else "bad" for me in the house. Can you say emotional eater? Old habits die hard.)

These sorts of tests are routine for us -- we've had so many CT scans over the years that I think I could run the machine myself. But the MRI is a bit of a different beast -- Will's got to be knocked out to lay still for the test to work. And I can't go back with him for the procedure. Both of which don't set completely well with me. So I'll sit anxiously in the waiting room, alone, trying not to focus on the what-ifs, but on the what-ares.

The Mister will be somewhere away working, as he usually is -- and this is not the kind of Will Medical Thing he needs to upend his work life for. But still.

I know this might come across as whining -- but I promise I'm not (only a few tears this afternoon.) Just doing a little venting. Gotta talk to someone somehow. And believe me, in the overall scheme of what Will's been through, this is a walk-in-the-park. It'll be harder on me than on him -- which is the way I always want it to be.

I guess I was just looking to be a regular mom, following my vacation, for a little while longer. And actually, I suppose I am, as this totally falls into my version of motherhood.

Things are indeed back to normal for us at Casa de Jane.

I just rather wish my normal wasn't so weird.


Miss Janey said...

It's not whining at all. It's called worrying, something anyone in your shoes would do.

Hope the MRI goes well, Jane.

April said...

There is no way I could deal with what you go through. I know this. And you can vent away all you want on YOUR blog and anyone who calls you a whiner can just go AWAY!

I'll be thinking of you, so please keep us posted.

citizen jane said...

Thanks, y'all. This was just sobering news and a reminder that life does go on, no matter how weird.

Lilibeth said...

Sorry. It's tough being a mom and not being able to fix everything. My prayers for you tomorrow.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Venting is good. Know you have support here!

I hope all goes as easily as it can.

Huge hugs