All I want is to be...

next to him.

Stewart and The Boys* played their last concert, likely ever, last night at Madison Square Garden.

*That's my vernacular for The Police, my favorite band of all time. In case you were wondering...

Here are some clips. God Bless YouTube.

This is the opening number, a cover of Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love". Notice the vantage point from where it's shot. I'm in heaven, spontaneously combusting. Don't call me -- I'll call you.

"Message in a Bottle," featuring the NYPD band. Policemen playing with Policeman. Too cool. (Again, if you want a front stage shot, you'll have to look up your own video. I'm too busy grooving on Stewart. I love him, you know.)

OK, here's one from the front. "Roxanne." I love the singing of the dude filming it. Nice touch.

The final finale: "Next to You."

Thanks for a grand ride this past 18 months, gentlemen. Loved you then. Love you now. Love you always.

Stewart -- call me! Baby, I'm yours!


Sprezzatura said...

Stewart "And the Boys," eh?

I'm going to give you that one.

If only because you were at the ready with my Gatorade and Diet Pepsi.

citizen jane said...

Just because I love you so, my darling Sprezzatura, I need to find the pictures of Sting being shaved back stage. Hot. Hot. Hot.

CableGirl said...

Ahhh.... The Police. How I loved them and how I cried when they split. It nearly killed me that I couldn't get to the show they did down here because I couldn't get a stupid baby sitter. *sigh*

melissa said...

phew...sting is still mine. i love the police. i missed their concert...they were in a couple of weeks ago...had to go to a wedding...damn lovebirds!!

citizen jane said...

Melissa, you and Sprezzatura might have a duke-out over Sting.

Stewart. All mine. Don't even think about poaching him from me... ;-)

Madison McGraw said...

Those clips gave me goosebumps. Seriously. And I'm not even a major fan.
Something to do with history in the making.
An end of an era.
BTW. Thank you for purchasing Justify.
Let me know what you think. Honesty is welcome (after a martini).