The Name is Thursday. Thursday Thirteen.

Thanks to Slender Octopus for the great theme idea this week.

Let's play the Name Game, y'all!

1. Rock Star Name

(first pet; current car)
Cat Pilot

2. Gangster Name
(favorite ice cream flavor; favorite style of shoe)
Pistachio Stiletto

3. Native American Name
(favorite color; favorite animal)
Purple Otter

4. Soap Opera Name

(middle name; place of birth)
Elizabeth St. Anthony

5. Star Wars Name

(first 3 letters of second name; first two of first name)

6. Superhero Name

(2nd favorite color; favorite drink)
Cobalt Vodka

7. NASCAR Name
(first names of grandfathers)
Clarence Atley

8. Exotic Dancer Name
(favorite perfume/scent; favorite "candy")
Musk Caramel

9. Newscaster name
(Fifth grade teacher’s last name; major city beginning with same letter)
Duffy Dubuque

10. Spy name

(favorite flower; favorite season/holiday)
Tulip Autumn

11. Cartoon name
(favorite fruit; article of clothing you are wearing now)
Grape Flip Flop

12. Hippie Name
(what you ate for breakfast; favorite tree)
Muffin Cypress

13. Movie Star Name
(first pet’s name; first street where you lived)
Hamlet Locust

And it wouldn't be a CJ post without a musical offering...


cajunvegan said...

Must . steal . this . idea

I've seen it around, and I keep neglecting to do it.

perpstu said...

I am going to call you Pistachio Stiletto from now on! I love this meme...one day I will drag it out and see if my names are as kick ass as yours!


Ruprecht said...

Whereas my "other" identity might be Velveeta, Rupe's seriously considering yet one more alias:

Duffy Dubuque.

Brilliant .....

....................................... Ru Precht

pussreboots said...

This list is a popular TT topic this week. Happy TT.

April said...

Your soap opera name is awesome!

TopSurf said...

How can you beat the super hero name of colbat vodka? :)

Madison McGraw said...

The video reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in the movie BIG.
GREAT POST. I always look forward to reading your blog. Wait, that should have ended with a !!!

Alice Audrey said...

LOL! Pistachio Stiletto? I don't think I even have a favorite animal.

Wildhair said...

I am so gonna do this on my blog. Dudette! Pistachio Stiletto so suits you.

ya ya's mom said...

just call me pumpkin sonata :) hee hee...i'm a rockstar baby!! or call me brown cow dansko as I tote my "heat". OR call me Red Giraffe and we can smoke the peace pipe...ok, i could just keep going on...great thursday 13!!!

Barbara H. said...

Some of these are hilarious. I might borrow this idea. :-)

80s Queen said...

Well, if you're ever in a jam and need to be saved just call on Orange Mudslide and I'll be there!

Lisa said...

SO stealing this idea. I love my NASCAR name: Willard Jack!

Happy TT

On a limb with Claudia said...

I can't believe I miss you today! :) This is such a fun idea! Personally, I think Duffy Debuque is a great name!

Happy TT!

chris said...

Hey....you'll know who this is just from this link. ;-)

RE + Ari + Mad Men? Seriously, it's like they specifically asked you what the perfect play would entail! FYI, Chris1180@gmail.com

Miss Attitude said...

I love it, but I thought #13 was your porn star name...
Mine's Calico Kimberly BTW;)

onemuse said...

HAHAHA--love these!

How was Fay?!? I worried about y'all the whole time! (And it's so nice she has decided to come on over this way this weekend, don'tcha thinK?!) ACK!

Miss you honey.