Forty-four Wishes

1. For Will to keep maximizing his potential

2. President Obama.

3. Genuine happiness with who I REALLY am.

4. To get in legitimate, healthy shape.

5. A new improved cell phone.

6. Health for my family and loved ones.

7. Happiness for my family and loved ones.

8. To spend some quality time with Sprezzatura.

9. Progress in my many writing projects.

10. Publication!

11. A really relaxing, rejuvenating vacation.

12. A decent night’s sleep.

13. Tampa Bay Rays: World Series Champs.

14. Florida Gators: National Football Champs.

15. A laptop (A Mac, natch.)

16. To hear the words “Clooney, Party of Two” and be one of the two

17. A smaller tuchus.

18. The sudden appearance of an organizational gene in me.

19. To see snow this year.

20. To see fall this year.

21. To be less guarded.

22. To get out of the house more.

23. To hear live music more frequently.

24. To be more open and share more of my true essence with people.

25. To hear the words “Baldwin, Party of Two” and be one of the two.

26. A smaller belly.

27. A more tolerant, accepting, gentler society.

28. To have a week when my nails don’t look like a gorilla gave me a manicure.

29. More than one decent night’s sleep in a row.

30. Longer legs (Hey, these are my wishes. They don’t have to be practical. Or feasible.)

31. Better knife skills in the kitchen.

32. For the timing to be right for me to go back to school and finish my Master’s. (English Lit)

33. For more good hair days than bad hair days.

34. To make new friends.

35. To find some dependable babysitters. (see Wish #22)

36. To get my sports website off the ground. For real.

37. To spend more quality time in the kitchen.

38. To make progress organizing the myriad family photos I somehow have in my possession.

39. To actually grow a plant successfully. Without killing it.

40. To be the best choir urchin director I can be.

41. To learn one new skill.

42. To hear the words “Copeland (as in Stewart), Party of Two” and be one of the two.

43 To make a difference for the good in my world.

44. To have the chance to make 45 wishes same time next year.


TopSurf said...

Awesome is what that list and here's to the whole list becoming a reality!

TopSurf said...

oops should have said Awesome is what that list IS.

Edwin said...

Lovely, CJ.

I know some of them may be more difficult than others. Some will be easy as pie. The easiest?


Have a WONDERFUL day.

Miss Attitude said...

Happy Birthday CJ!
You definitely need to get a good sitter for Will, and I can help you with that get out of the house more;)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

I hope it's a great one and that all of these wishes come true at some point or another. ;-)

Why, it's Clark! said...

Happy Birthday! Here's hoping your dinner reservation wishes don't come true all on the same night. Unless, you know, that's what you're going for.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring post! Gives me ideas for my list of 50 wishes... :)
Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

SusanD said...

Happy Birthday! May they all come true!

cajunvegan said...

Happy Birthday! I would love to hear the Clooney one myself. May all your wishes come true.

perpstu said...

Happy birthday! I hope every one of your wishes comes true!

Sprezzatura said...

#8? Pizza cake. January.

#43? You already do this. Every. Single. Day.

The way I see it, you get to make 2 more wishes...

April said...

Happy Belated Bday!
you might want to specify which clooney...you never know.