It's another fascinating Meme Monday. Alert the media.

Have you ever...

1. ...gone on a blind date?
Twice. In college. One turned out rather well. One did not... but that’s a story for another time.

2. ...skipped school?
Does blowing off classes in college count? Then the answer is yes. But otherwise, no. I was a good girl.

3. ...watched someone die?
No. I have been at the bedside of critically ill people, including some very young children. Sigh.

4. ... been on a plane?
Heck yeah. I rather like flying, actually. As long as I can have the window seat. And there’s no one in the center seat next to me. Or I’m in first class. Ahem.

5. ...been on the opposite side of your country?
Indeed I have -- taken a couple of trips Seattle. Which is pretty much the total opposite side of the US from me.

6. ...swam in the ocean?
I have -- but believe it or not, it’s been a while. I’m a total Gulf of Mexico girl. But I’ve jumped waves in the Atlantic in my time. Never been in the Pacific, though -- I’ve only seen it from the San Franscico vantage point.

7. ...had your booze taken away by the cops?
No. Hoo-ray.

8. ...lettered in a high school sport?
Are you sitting down... the answer is yes. My freshman year, I played on the volleyball team. Didn’t start, but played enough to get a letter. However, one year was plenty. And if you think my nails look bad now...

9. ...cried yourself to sleep?
Please. Have we just met? Of course.

10. ...played cops and robbers?

11. ...sung karaoke?
You betcha. Too much fun. And something that I don’t do nearly enough.

12. ...paid for a meal with coins only?
Yep. Done it with quarters before in a drive-thru.

13. ...done something you told yourself you wouldn’t?
Oh hell yeah. And we're going to just leave it at that.

14. ...cheated on an exam?

15. ...made prank phone calls?
The centerpiece activity of any good slumber party in the ‘70s. My standard was the "Prince Albert in a Can" ask.

16. ...laughed until some sort of beverage came out of your nose?
Ew. No. Thank goodness.

17. ...caught a snowflake on your tongue?
Yes. I was a little drunk when I did it, however...

18. ...written a letter to Santa Claus?
Sure. Very detailed letters to boot.

19. ...watched the sunrise with someone you care about?
Yep -- although it was on the tail end of a night, rather than the beginning of a day.

20. ...been kissed under the mistletoe?
Indeed I have. Hee!

21. ...ever been arrested?
Oooooh -- no.

22. ...gone ice skating?
Nope. My one attempt at skiing was plenty of winter sport embarrassment for me.

23. ...been skinny dipping outdoors?
Heck yeah! Hee hee hee.

24. ...had a nickname?
Uh-huh. My dad still calls me by his childhood nickname for me: Girlie. And my sorority sisters called me JJ (my initials) in college.

25. ...had your name in the newspaper? been on TV?
Have been in the paper (both local and college) numerous times (my picture too, when I was younger.) And no, it wasn’t in the police blotter...

Also been on TV -- did a couple of interview type programs when I was working in PR for non-profits once upon a time.


Edwin said...

Thank you CJ. It wouldn't be a Monday without it. You absolutely slay me.

perpstu said...

I love it! You know I stole it.....it will be appearing soon in the world of many bubbles!


April said...

Oh, I love this meme! I may have to steal it, too.