It's Tune Time Again on Thursday Thirteen

As you probably have guessed if you've checked out this blog before, even briefly -- music is a HUGE part of my life and who I am. And this has been passed on to my darling Will. He's either singing or listening to music or talking about music. And he's growing up listening to what we adults to around here. For better or for worse. That's not to say that we don't have our share of kiddo music, either -- I could probably go on tour with the Wiggles with little to no rehearsal needed. But Will likes to groove to what we're grooving to --and it's funny what songs he's shown a preference for.

So with that I give you my TT of the week....

Thirteen Slightly Unusual Songs in Will's Personal Jukebox

“ I Am Your Tambourine” ~ Tift Merritt

Will calls this one “Shake it with your Wuvvvvv”. Close enough. Big dance favorite.
I Am Your Tambourine - Tift Merritt

“Yellow Submarine” ~ The Beatles
This is sung a lot, most often in the bathtub where we play with, you guessed it, a toy yellow submarine. That Santa sure does have a sense of humor, as this appeared in Will’s stocking last Christmas. Hmmm...

“Start Me Up” ~ The Rolling Stones

Yeah. I know. Thank goodness he usually only sings the “You can start me up part.” I hold my breath when we get to the chorus, though....

“Boss of Me” ~ They Might Be Giants
This one makes an appearance when he's pissed off. Usually at me. He’s so cute when he’s protesting. Still hasn’t figured out that yes, Mommy is indeed the boss of him. All the time. Silly boy.

“I Won’t Back Down” ~ Tom Petty

Most famously sung while walking into his kindergarten class last year. Yeah. That bodes well for a productive day of learning, don’t you think...

“Livin’ on a Prayer” ~ Bon Jovi

Best part of this song is Will imitating the talk box part at the beginning. Although him breaking out into an opera-esque falsetto like Jon is also pretty much a riot.

“Slit Skirts” ~ Pete Townshend

My boy thinks that Pete is saying “need pants” when he sings about “knee pants” and so this one gets whipped out whenever Will believes it’s time for a clothing change. “Need pants. Will needs new some pants..”

“Crazy Train” ~ Ozzy Osbourne

Best known at Casa de Jane as the ringtone on my cell for my parents'. Will sings along every time the phone rings and it's my mom...

“Roxanne” ~ The Police

One of the earliest Inappropriate Songs learned by Mr. Will, so he could serenade our late kitty-witty, Miss Roxanne. *sniff*

“Closer to Fine” ~ Indigo Girls

Because every self-respecting kiddo needs to have some crunchy chick rock in his repertoire. We’re working on the harmonizing part. I’ll keep you posted.

“Dyslexic Heart” ~ Paul Westerberg

You’ve never heard this song done right until you’ve heard it performed by a dude with a little lisp -- “I’ve got a dyswexic heart...”

PS: Paul Westerberg. SO hot and adorable in this video. Pardon me for a minute...

“Bad Medicine” ~ Bon Jovi

Yep, the boys from Jersey make their second appearance on the list. This one is referenced twice daily -- always sung right before Will gets his dosage of anti-convulsant medication. To hell with a spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down...

“Hallelujah Chorus” ~ Handel’s Messiah

I’m singing in the Christmas choir at church and have been doing some practicing at home. This piece is one that has always meant a great deal to me-- and Will has picked up on that, breaking into the “Hallelujah” part at any given moment. Which includes his classroom the other day.
Makes my heart sing with joy -- and please note that my heart is singing the alto part with joy...


Miss Attitude said...

I love Will's taste! Bon Jovi, They Might be Giants. Rock on kiddo! BTW-- I had no idea anyone else loved “Dyslexic Heart” as much as I do.

On a limb with Claudia said...

I so love Will. He maybe 'special needs' but frankly, his music taste is better than most people I know. Nothing wrong here! :)

Edwin said...

Can't figure out who's cooler...you or him.

Let's call it a draw.

You put creases in my face, CJ

80s Queen said...

I love Will's musical taste! I'm going to be singing Roxanne all day now.

melissa said...

love the musical taste!!!
i LOVE bon jovi!! can you believe that i missed a bon jovi concert, just to learn how to use my darn sewing machine...which i NEVER use!!
what...kind of fool am i?!

April said...

No Sondheim?!?