Talkin' 'bout BIG! HOLIDAY! FUN!

Psssst... Have I got a deal for you!

Here's the scoop on a BIG! HOLIDAY! FUN! blog contest that a bunch of my Plurk Pals are doing... you can either read the rules (SO boring but efficient) OR listen to the rules, as interpretively read by me.

Interpretively Read Rules!

Mobile post sent by citizenjaney using Utterli. reply-count Replies. mp3

Written Rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1. How do you enter? It's easy -- just comment on our blog post for the day.

2. You can enter once per participating blog per day.

3. If you blog and would like to post about our contest, doing so will get you 5 extra entries.

4. There will be 2 winners.

5. Each winner will need to give us a mini bio of your family -- ie: ages, genders, wants, needs, likes.

6. We will buy prizes accordingly.

7. Prizes will be wrapped for under the tree and sent without delay!

8. Comments and posts from Sunday November 23 through Wednesday November 26th will be taken as entries.

9. The winners will be announced Black Friday!!!

Participating Blogs -- Go check 'em out!


Devyl Gyrl said...

Oohhh you're another novelist I see ... I am going to have to come back and catch up on these chapters I have missed.

I have run across far too many talented people on the 'net. I need to be independently wealthy so all I have to do is run around and read your novels!

Oh, and ... love your voice! Cute :D

perpstu said...

....and away we go! Yippee, this contest is going to be fun!

~Just Jen~ said...

You guys rock for doing this

and I LOVE your blog layout *drool*

cajunvegan said...

I think I am falling in love with the sound of your voice.

Leslie said...

Well, it will be interesting to read about you all :)


LotusHips said...

You were right! Hearing the rules read out was muuuch more fun than reading them :)

Andrea Daigle said...

I think you've done this before. You're rules audio sounds SO professional.

Wildhair said...

Most excellent! Now, to remember to read and comment. You know my brain is a wee bit foggy. I blame the cold temps in the Midwest. BLAST!
Y'all are the best. Without my pleeps, this summer would have been far more difficult.

yoonamaniac said...

I hope you have fun. You guys are awesome.

ikkinlala said...

I'd love to enter if Canadians may.

Anonymous said...

I see your goes up to 11.