Ten! Ten Revelations on a Meme Monday!

Love, love, love this meme. Y'all can thank my girlie CajunVegan for bringing this little gem to my attention. And read carefully -- there are a couple of new revelations about me tucked in here. Just when you thought you had me all figured out, too...

TEN things you wish you could say to TEN different people right now:

1. Whatchu talkin’ about, Willis?

2. Bite. Me.

3. Enough already. You exhaust me.

4. I don’t give a rat’s ass about your latest issue. Get over it.

5. You are beautiful.

6. Thank you.

7. You hurt me more than you will ever know.

8. I miss you. Terribly.

9. How you doin’ (to be read in the style of Joey Tribiani)

10. What’s new, pussycat?

NINE things about yourself:
1. I cannot remember what my natural hair color is.

2. Three quarters of my wardrobe is black.

3. If it weren’t for the fact that I never had dance lessons as a child, I would be a STAH on Broadway today.*
* This statement is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect any actuality whatsoever.

4. I once tried to pierce a guy’s ear with an icepick and rubbing alcohol.
Yes, we were under the influence. Why do you ask?

5. I am going to attempt to make homemade pie crusts for the first time ever for my Thanksgiving desserts.

6. I have double jointed pinkys.

7. There are 17 pairs of shoes under my desk right now.

8. I like my meat rare and my fish back in the ocean where it belongs.

9. I cannot believe I'm about to share this... I. Was a debutante.


EIGHT ways to win your heart:
1. Make me think.

2. Make me laugh.

3. Make me think again.

4. Banter wittily with me.

5. Quote me “This is Spinal Tap” or “So I Married an Axe Murderer.”

6. Play Nick to my Nora.

7. Quote (or, even better, sing) Cole Porter.

8. Keep making me think. And laugh.

Oh -- and talk sports with me. And not just surface level stuff, either. Baby, I read espn.com and sportsillustrated.com every. single. day.

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:
1. Where in the hell are my keys?

2. Do I have enough time to take a nap?

3. Chick-fil-A. Evil. Chick-fil-A. Evil. Chick-fil-A. Evil.
(I figure if I say it enough, I might actually start listening... oh Number One with a sweet tea and extra ketchup and mayo, why do I love you so)

4. Shall I use my powers for good or for evil today...

5. Awww crap.

6. Should I wear the Apple Bottom jeans and the boots with the fur or something else...

7. Damn, do I hate underwires.

SIX things you do before you fall asleep:
1. Cleanse.

2. Moisturize. Everything.

3. Take my pills.

4. Brush.

5. Check on Will.

6. Set the TV Sleep timer.

FIVE people you couldn’t live without:
1. Mr. Clooney

2. Mr. Baldwin (Alec)

3. Mr. Copeland
(as in Stewart, drummer for The Police. If you’re new here, you might not be aware of my long-standing devotion to him...)

4. Mr. Hamm
(Jon, aka Don Draper of Mad Men fame)

5. Mr. Malkovich

FOUR things you’re wearing right now:
1. Reading glasses

2. Pajama top

3. Bed head

4. A thoughtful demeanor

THREE songs that fit your life perfectly:
1. “Jane’s Getting Serious” - Jon Astley

2. “Too Darn Hot” - Cole Porter

3. “Amazing Grace”

TWO things you want to do before you die:
1. Go to South America.

2. Be published.

ONE confession:
I lost my virginity underneath a Christmas tree.
Go ahead. Top THAT one, y’all...

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TopSurf said...

The more I read about you the more I discover we have in common. Oh and under the Christmas tree? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I've been off working on moving my mom from NYC to MI and all sorts of other things, but I've missed reading you.

Lots of good stuff in the meme.

A deb? Really? Did you talk sports with them?

citizen jane said...

Good question, Jen... I was 19 when I did the deb thing. We mostly just giggled and drank like fish.

Wildhair said...

There's a song about a debutante, a back seat... right on the tip of my tongue! lol

I will, of course, make this meme my own. I read Cajun's and it cracked me the hell up.

bronsont said...

some how I knew you were the debutante type! Woot!

But seriously, thanks for the share.

~Just Jen~ said...

You just got more fabulous as the blogs roll on...(like I expected anything less)

perpstu said...

A debutante who lost her virginity under the Christmas tree? WOOT! You are so awesome!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed these fine tidbits of janeyness. w00t!

Devyl Gyrl said...

MeMes are the bests posts evar! Especially when first gettign to know someone.


ikkinlala said...

I don't often like memes, but this is a fun one. Good luck with the pie crusts!

Lauren said...

I agree...definitely a great way to get to know someone :)

Anonymous said...

"But it goes to 11!"
"It is a Mach piece...Lick My Love Pump
"He died in a bizarre gardening accident."

"You know that can't prove whose vomit it was."

Sir Denis Eton-Hogg

"Shit Sandwich"

Smell the Glove

Thinking about that movie just makes me laugh and think of some really good times!

Have you been to www.spinaltapfan.com "This sight goes to 11!"

Love ya - Gay Gulick

Anonymous said...

Under neath the Christmas tree??? Boy, and I thought the front bucket seat of a Pinto was bad... BWAHAHAHAHA