Saturday Sloth

Another opening. Another show. Another lazy Saturday. Another meme.

I'm in the mood to write today, but not in the mood to think too hard. Does that make sense? I've got what seems like a jillion half-written pieces dotting my desktop wallpaper, completely hiding Glammy's face. That's Glammy over there on the right -- she's my desktop wall paper. My muse. My reason for being. OK, not really.


So I poked around, looking for inspiration to help me. And, as is my modus operandi, I didn't opt to use any one specifically -- this is a One from Column A and One From Column B kinda thing.

It's called Coloring Outside the Lines, people -- and it's very liberating.

1. Is there a day of the week that time seems to fly by faster than the other days?
Sunday. Always. It seems as if it were just Friday and then BAM -- The Simpsons are on and I’m trying to get Will organized for school.

2. Is there a day of the week that seems to never end?
Wednesday. Probably because I am always racing around doing errands and then prepping for my Choir Urchin rehearsal that evening. Toughest but most rewarding hour of my week. They put me through the paces -- all 15 of them. Whew -- I don’t know how full time Pre-K teachers do it. I come home exhausted. But it’s a happy exhausted.

3. Have you ever had a strong crush on someone, but did not say anything to that person? If yes, why?
Oh yeah. Hell, yeah. I’m not the Queen of Unrequited and Undeclared Love for nothing.

I've had more quiet crushes and unspoken affection for more boys than I can remember. Stretching all the way back to elementary school when I pined away for an older (three years) fellow who barely knew I was alive. Such torment. Through middle school. And high school. Even the occasional one in college. Sometimes the crushes lasted for weeks, sometimes just a couple of days. In those days, I was way too shy to ever actively pursue the objects of my affection. I loved in silence.

This wistful Rodgers & Hart tune is a classic look at my longtime predicament...

Glad to Be Unhappy
Look at yourself, if you had a sense of humor
You would laugh to beat the band
Look at yourself, do you still believe the rumor
That romance is simply grand?

Since you took it right on the chin
You have lost that bright toothpaste grin
My mental state is all a-jumble
I sit around and sadly mumble

Fools rush in, so here I am
Very glad to be unhappy
I can't win, but here I am
More than glad to be unhappy

Unrequited love's a bore
And I've got it pretty bad
But for someone you adore
It's a pleasure to be sad

Like a straying baby lamb
With no mammy and no pappy
I'm so unhappy
But oh, so glad!

And here's Miss Ella with a live rendition...

4. Have you had a crush in secret and then told that person? If yes, what happened?
No -- but almost. Never could get my nerve up or the timing right. Probably better that way. Considering I was totally head over heels in love with the guy -- and he was so aloof in this area, even though we were great friends. Turns out he was wrestling with sexual orientation issues. If I'd said anything, it would have been a big honking mess and ruined our friendship. Easier to have my heart break in solitude.

This was my theme song during that period:

5. Have you ever been stalked?
No. Thank goodness. But I had friends that were -- and it's some scary shit.

6. Have you ever, in retrospect, stalked someone?
Do high-school era “drive-by your ex-boyfriend/crush/ex-boyfriend’s-new-girlfriend” antics count? Lord, I hope not...

7. Have you ever slept with someone on a first date?
La la la... oh yeah. Even had my share of one-night-stands. Not exactly my proudest moments, but they were what they were.

And some were much better than others.

*insert eyebrow raise*


8. Have you ever regretted not sleeping with someone?
Honestly, no. Never had second thoughts about turning down that invitation, such as it was. Wait... maybe once. Maybe. But it's a very tentative maybe. So no.


9. What attracts you first to someone else (sexually, romantically or both... you chose)?
Wit. Humor. Intelligence. It is so all about the mind for me.

And a hairy chest

C'mon -- you had to know that was coming.

OK -- your turn. Spill.


Miss Attitude said...

I'm trying to avoid sloth and running around doing 5 things at once.. maybe I should stop fighting it!

And haven't we all had a crush on someone struggling with sexual orientation! Of course it explains why they didn't fall head over heals with a gal as fabulous as us;)

8 paws said...

I love your blogs. Along with getting a glance into your brain, they make memories pop into my head.

I told a crush that I liked him once. I had actually dropped him off at his house and ended up turning around and knocking on his door. He invited me in and I shyly told him that I wanted to kiss him. Oh my goodness, what a lovely kiss. We had a beautiful 4 or 5 month, live for each other, kind of romance until he moved (the move was planned well before I was in the picture).

bronsont said...

no surprise here, just confirmation. Citizen Janey bon vivant with an unmistakable l'amour de la vie.

You go girl :)

perpstu said...

Loves this one....*copy, paste* There are answers that I barely need to change to fit my own needs!


TopSurf said...

You always amaze me and with every post I read of your blog I come to love you more!

Anonymous said...

Great Post! And, yes, I am stealing this!

You amaze me each time I read your blog! I love how you share yourself with us!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I was pretty good at putting my foot in it and admitting my crushes - sometimes it worked and sometimes not.

And for the rest... well, yeah, it was the 70s for me. There we were.

And the stalking thing - not on my side, but there was an ex that stalked me for a bit. It was very, very disturbing. A big 6'4" buddy of mine grabbed the stalker by the scruff of the neck, literally, and told him what was what and the stalker quit. Phew.

Malcolm said...

Although I knew it was a Rodgers and Hart tune, the only version of "Glad To Be Unhappy" I've ever heard is by The Mamas and the Papas. Since I didn't recognize the opening lyrics, I pulled out my Mamas and Papas anthology to listen to their version. It turns out that they left out the first two verses.