Talk Dirty to Me.

So, while I was doing some online research for my NaNoWriMo project (which is going verrrry slowly, but at least I have a plan!), I came across a most compelling item.

It's a list of the Sexiest Words in the World, as put together by the Calgary Association of the Romance Writers of America.

Unfortunately for Writer Me, these words aren't really helpful for my project, which has as its main character a 12-year-old girl in 1973. And it's not THAT kind of story anyhoo.

However, the list has piqued my interest. Shocking. And will be a good reference for later projects.

Wanna see the list? Of course you do.

As the only format in which I could find it was a PDF, I did a little copy/paste action and put it here, on my tester/auxiliary blog for your perusal.

Take a look -- it's rather extensive. But if you're like me, some words stand out more than others, at least in the context of being "sexy."

Here's my Top 10 words from the list, in no particular order (I just know you were wondering what they might be...)


Is it a little warm in here, or is it just me...

If you're so inclined, feel free to share your faves from the list. There are no wrong answers (gotta love that kind of exercise) and I can guarantee you'll find it fun. Or something.


Why, it's Clark! said...


What?!? It's sexy soup!

bronsont said...

LOL, I came intending to say chili, but looks like Clark beat me to the punch!

Well then, Pot Roast and Potatoes :)

Wildhair said...

I use many of these words with great regularity. Does that make me sexy by association?

Kat said...

I am shocked that moist is not on this list, just shocked I tell you.

I want to know who can I protest to to add moist to the list!!!

Trust me, I am feeling languid is not the same as You make me moist!!

Ruprecht said...

Oh .... how one words speaks volumes:

And that word is: Ample.

................. Ruprecht

yoonamaniac said...


You know, the word wanton reminds me of Chinese wonton soup :D

LotusHips said...

I'd have to pick "enfold" and "redolent" but those could easily change depending on my mood, or the day.

For Kat, the list did have "moisture", which is close to "moist"... no good? oh, well :)

Miss Attitude said...

Why is eyelash sexy? Hair? Star? Note I focus on the non-sexy words. No need for it to be warm in my condo;)

On a limb with Claudia said...

I like food related words - delicious, plush - like that. These seem a little hoity toity to me - evocative? - I've never had a character that could say that word without laughing.

Maybe I should practice.

TopSurf said...

I love this provocative post. I love how it has made me feel sultry so early on in the weekend. I hope I am not the only one who enjoys the good erotic writhe while groaning from time to time! :D

cajunvegan said...

Fiery, torrid, sensuous, carnal

Oh, yeah.

dan leone said...

Well, of course the sex-related words are sexy (except for "intercourse"...which is such an ugly word!).

My choice would be Nutella...DUH!

Malcolm said...

Sultry, evocative, writhe, pout, and allure are some of my favorites.