It's friendship, friendship...

... just a perfect blendship
When other friendships are soon forgot
Ours will still be hot
Da da da da da da dig dig dig

Will has a new friend named Jake. Pretty cool, huh? Oh -- you have no idea.

Jake is the eldest son of my trainer/friend Stephanie. I'm hesitant to call her simply my trainer because we are becoming very good friends. She is amazing and I count her amongst my greatest blessings of this year.

Anyhoo -- we were chatting while pounding out some cardio about a week or so ago and I happened to mention that I was looking for a new babysitter, as my last regular one had the nerve to graduate from high school and go away to college. As fate and some divine intervention would have it, Steph mentioned that Jake had completed the Red Cross babysitting course and was interested in earning a little coin for the holidays.

Serendipity at its finest.

So, last Friday, Will and I went and hung out with our new pals -- he and Jake spent time together while I got in a conditioning workout, as my foot is still hurtin'. They playing the drums sang, tossed around a ball, goofed off on the piano, wrestled and rough-housed. Will had a wonderful time and hugs and kisses were dispensed all the way around when it was time to go.

Over the weekend, Will would talk about Jake -- just in passing here and there, but enough to let me know that their time together had made an impact.

Come to find out today that it just wasn't a one way thing. Steph told me that all weekend long, Jake talked about Will, telling his friends about this "cool little boy" that he was going to start watching and how much fun they had.

He never mentioned Will's disabilities. Nor his crazy health history. Nor his limitations.

Jake saw simply Will -- the REAL Will. A goofy, silly, happy, funny and yes, musical little boy.

He "got" him -- for who he is beneath all the labels. He's just a kid.

Beautiful. My heart is still full and singing about this. And yes, I'm crying (what -- have we just met? Please.) but they are tears of joy and of possibility.

Yep, Will has a new friend named Jake. We should all be so lucky to have our own Jakes in our lives -- those people who see beyond and around and through the road blocks and labels and smoke and mirror and see use for who we really and truly are. And like what they see.

Thanks, Jake.

... I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
~ Humphrey Bogart


On a limb with Claudia said...

YES!! Jake's an answer to a prayer. I could not be happier!

Congratulations Jane.

Miss Attitude said...

Wow, what a blessing Jake is. I'm so happy for Will. And for you. You need a break sometimes too, and a babysitter should do the trick;)

Anonymous said...

Now I'm crying. M so happy Will has such a wonderful new friend!


cajunvegan said...

What a Christmas blessing! You and Will are both so lucky to have these beautiful people in your lives.

PQNation said...

Awww!! This is awesome honey!!

These are the moments of life that are so so amazing :)


Happy Holidays to you and Will :)

Wildhair said...

Oh.My.God! I am experiencing serious occular leakage.
God Bless Jake. God Bless Staphanie for raising such an amazing boy. God Bless the Family Jane for such a beautiful happenstance.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Oh, Jane, I'm so happy for you both! Truly.

When C was younger, he had a lot of challenges. When something like this came along and someone saw C for C, it brightened our universe.

What a fabulous Christmas gift.

Kat said...

I have chills and tears at the beauty of this post, Jane. It is a tribute to the fact that the next generation is going to be better than we are.

What a glorious gift! Thank you for sharing.

bronsont said...

Glorious, just glorious!

I even got a little moist around the ocular area :) So very happy for you and Will.