The Sporting Life

Guess what?

I'll wait. Take your time.

Give up?

I have an athletic injury.

That's right. Me. Athletic injury. Yeah.

If I didn't think it would do further damage, I'd do a little jump for joy. 'Cause I'm kinda digging the fact that I hurt myself working out.

Blame it on the shoes.

I have been working with a personal trainer now for about six weeks. Finally, finally, finally got serious about getting in shape and re-discovering my figure. And it's paying off. There are five plus inches less of me in the waist and counting -- and that's the only measurement we've been taking regularly at the moment. But I'm the Proportionately Incredibly Shrinking Woman, per my trainer -- every time I get out of the car to meet her, she says she notices a difference.

Go me.

We're working together five days a week (told you I'd gotten serious) at a local park. No stuffy sweaty gyms for us. We walk, do stretching and other toning exercises as we go and then head to a pavilion to do more circuit training-type things. Instead of sitting my fat ass down to eat at a picnic table, I'm lying on top of it, doing crunches.

And seeing results.

However, my footwear and its considerable age have become problematic. Basically, the shoes are shot. And I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot as a yucky by-product of such.

Sum'bitch hurts, y'all.

However, I'm adhering to the illegitimis non carborundum concept -- not gonna let this bastard thing get me down. I've stretched, massaged, rolled my foot on a frozen water bottle, elevated and rested. So far, so good. It's better than it was, but still not great. I shall prevail. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain anyway -- remember, I'm the chick who walked around in premature labor for three days. It takes a lot to render me helpless (if I put my mind to it, anyway.)

So I'm taking it easy, at least for the next couple of days. Gonna focus on the toning rather than the cardio. Not a bad thing. Oh -- new shoes -- on tap for tomorrow. My trainer (who I ADORE, if you couldn't tell by now) is going with me to help me make the best choice for my needs. And what girl doesn't love shoe shopping with a galpal? Seriously.

Meanwhile, I'm going to embrace my pain just a bit. And hone that tone of pride in my voice that I'll use when someone says "Hey -- you look like you're limping? What did you do?"

Hope they're prepared for my answer. Boo-yah!


bronsont said...

Did you know Monolo makes a running shoe?

Now that the thought is planted I'll sit back and watch the hovoc working itself into your shopping plans, hahahah I'm so evil.

On a limb with Claudia said...

((hug)) I hope you're able to find a real solution. This can be so difficult to treat.

I'm proud of you Jane - 5 inches is nothing to sneeze at. And your whole attitude has changed. You're on your way!

Anonymous said...

lol... it's always good to have a one like this. I need to buy one "Nike Air ZOOM VAPOR JET 4.2 D Shoes" for the tournament I have next week.
I'm gonna shoot the winning shot.... lol. Nike Air ZOOM VAPOR JET 4.2 D Shoes

perpstu said...

(((HUGS))) I hope your foot gets better soon! You are inspiring me to work out more and for that I am grateful!


yoonamaniac said...

Oh I'm so sorry you got hurt, but congratulations on inches lost!!!!! You are my hero!. :-&