Panic! In the Choir Room

Tonight, after three Freeze Dances, a frantic air drum session, a song-learning session and a piano recital from a six-year-old during which she played "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in the key of D Minor (the saddest of all keys), the Choir Urchins and I had a little meeting of the minds with some classical music. And crayons.

We drew the music. Actually, we listened to the piece and drew what we thought it sounded like.

Crazy. Fun.

Take a look:

That's what I'm calling the 1812 Crayolature.

And this is a mash up of the Can-Can and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. We're hip to those mash-up things in Choir Urchin Land:

Can you dig it?


TopSurf said...

Yes I can dig it and it's awesome.

Web-Betty said...

Simply wonderful!

Cat said...

I can dig it deep!

mmmmmmm..... Jackson Pollockish, & on his B~Day no less.

Liz in Jax said...

Digging it with a shovel, sista