You Have The Right...

I have a very diverse sense of humor. Very diverse.

OK, let's be honest. It's quirky.

There's no telling what's gonna make me laugh. Either at an appropriate or inappropriate time. I have the curse of the giggles.

These crazy-ass mug shots make me laugh out loud like nothing else. Even though I've seen them all more times than I can count. I think it's all about the hair. My funny-bone weakness is hilarious hair. Which gives me an idea for another pictorial post somewhere down the line, so I'll save my commentary for then.

I'm snickering even as I write this. And then coughing, because my #($&^# cold is still in residence.


Enjoy. I know I am.



My personal favorite:


PQ said...


I'm the same exact way...I laugh at the most random shit sometimes.


perpstu said...

ROFL. You'd think they would at least make an attempt to finger comb the hair before the mug shot, but noooooo. Oh well, better for us!

Crys said...

they all just look pissed off to me. I think it was they were all caught with (as my grandmother would say) eggbeater hair and no makeup.

I have to admit I laughed too.

Malcolm said...

Glen Campbell looks like he's about ready to kill somebody.

Anonymous said...