Sunday Spur: Tres

The prompt: Things you can do in three minutes

Have a quickie *lascivious eyebrow raise*
Give yourself a facial
Do a whole lotta crunches (engage your core!)
Read a magazine article
Put a coat of polish on your nails
Play a game of solitaire
Saute an onion
Load the dishwasher
Do a quick eBay search
Deep condition your hair
Pull weeds along your front walk
Have a mini-one-song dance party
Sign and mail a “just because” card to a friend
Read the comics in the newspaper
Cook an egg
Drink a cup of coffee
Iron a pair of pants
Eat a pot roast… or not
Boot up my Mac Airbook!!
Brew a cup of tea
Collect a bunch of shells on the beach
Mark, tape and block a pair of lenses (thanks, Riss!)
Watch a video on YouTube
Use a set of those Crest Whitestrip things

Stay tuned, as this list is fluuuuid...


bronsont said...

man, that's a days worth of 3 minute tasks :)

Miss Attitude said...

I love this list! Though I'm quite sure I spent 3 minute increments all day long avoiding doing most of them;)

On a limb with Claudia said...

ooh these are very fun. And quickies? My favorite for connecting.

perpstu said...

How fun! I might have to do one of these lists....


Anonymous said...

Oh sister, my quickies are at least 5 minutes!! LOL