Sunday Seven A La Carte

Heads up: Lazy Ass Post ahead.

I've been wrestling with a sinus headache for a few days now. Couple that with baseballs games and Playhouse Disney Live and trips to the park and watching Apocalypse Now Redux all afternoon and you've got a girl who has just looked at the clock and cannot believe the weekend's gone.

So in order to get myself back in the writing swing of things, here's a quickie Sunday Seven post, for grins and giggles. And for the principle of the bloody thing.

Name the last seven entrees (or main dishes) you had for dinner or lunch. (I'm going with dinner, as it's much more interesting than lunch. At least in my world.)

1. Sausage, onion and extra cheese pizza. (Hush. Don't judge me. It was a long day yesterday...)

2. Bowl of Kashi with dried cherries (I love breakfast food and could eat it -- even cereal -- every meal of the day)

3. Half a Subway Club, no cheese, lettuce/tomato/onion, red wine vinegar; Sun Chips. (This was leftover from lunch. Can't beat that $5 footlong deal they've got going on at Subway.)

4. This chicken breast thing I made at Let's Eat (one of those make dinner/take home and cook places) - it was stuffed with feta and roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts. Yummy. Oh -- and I had some carrots along side.

5. See #4

6. See #2

7. Scallops and cheese grits, with green beans and collards on the side. Mmmmm.


bronsont said...

Danged #7 Scallops & Cheese Grits, I'm hungry!!

TopSurf said...

I never had grits of any kind.