Turn your head and cough... it's Meme Monday

A healthy meme for this fine spring Monday...

You born early, late or right on time?
Right on time, from what I’ve been told. However, my mother went into labor the evening of September 26th… but the insurance my dad bought didn’t take effect until September 27th. And he refused to take her to the hospital until then. So they drove around. And around. And around. Until 12:01 am, September 27th. I was born seven hours later.

Chicken pox?
Nope. **knock on wood** **spit in palm** ** cross fingers**

Allergic to bees?
Not that I know of. Although I am deathly afraid of this very thing, thanks to this book. Scared me to death when I was a kid.

How about strawberries?
Nope – thank goodness. LOVE strawberries, and living so close to a place that has a yearly Strawberry Festival, I usually get the best of the best.

Hereditary illness?
**achoo** **sniff** Sinus troubles. **achoo** Thanks, Daddy. Thanks a lot.

Have you ever been in a car accident?
Yes. Ugh. Moving on…

How much do you smoke?
Don’t. Used to “social smoke” while out drinking, but haven’t done that in years and years.

How much do you drink?
Not a lot. Don’t during the week, and only do so on weekends if going out or having a nice meal. Unless we have pizza and then I have to have a beer. Just because.

Is your cholesterol normal?
Yep. (This kind of makes up for the sinus thing, Dad.)

Have you ever run a marathon?
Not yet…

How many x-ray's have you had (not including dentist)?
None, believe it or not.

Have you ever had surgery?
Wisdom teeth and fibroid tumor removal.

Do you watch what you eat?
These days, you betcha. I am finally (knock on wood) on a sensible healthy eating path. And you know what – it feels and tastes pretty damn good. Not even craving Chick-fil-A anymore. Will wonders never cease…

When was the last time you worked out? 
Saturday – played outside with Will as well as doing the baseball thing – running the bases and shagging fly balls.

What is your ideal weight?
150 pounds.

None of your damn business.

How old was the oldest living relative in your immediate family?

Veggies or Fruit?

Low-carb or High-carb?
Gotta strike a balance. Need carbs for energy -- but everything in moderation and healthy-sized.

How do you want to die?
In my sleep.


PQ said...


I am so stealing.


Ruprecht said...

Age: 96.

Sounds good to Rupe .....

bronsont said...

LOL how do you want to die ...

How about at 110 in Vegas with a hooker on each arm, after just winning $100,000 at the craps table, punching the button for the elevator to go up to the room?

Kelly said...

Oh, Jaaannneee! You'd better run and get a chicken pox vaccine, because I will tell you from a horrible experience that it STINKS to get it as an adult! Really.

TopSurf said...

NO x-rays???? I could paper a few walls with all the film they have on me! .....and 96, that is awesome!