Flashback Friday: Chocolate Eggs and Party Dresses and Rabbit Smooches

The thrill of the Hunt. The agony of too many treats.

Ah, I remember it well

The annual Easter Egg Hunt. Highlight of the season for little diva me.

My mom belonged (actually, she still does, as do I) to a women's organization (ok, it's the Junior League) that hosted an Easter egg-stravaganza every year for members' children. In those days, such an occasion was cause to buy a new Easter dress (at Rutland's, where at the same time that you were getting your new frock you could turn in your entry in the Easter Coloring Contest. Big stuff.) and new shoes (from Saltz Shoe Store, where you would walk out the door with new footwear and a balloon tied to your wrist.) Plus a spectacular Easter basket in which to collect treasures of all sorts. Perhaps even that coveted golden egg.

Good, good times.

Pssst... I'm the brunette on the left...

Already showing my sassy, flirty side...

My brother and me.
Notice my hair is wild and wooly --
the bane of my mother's existance in the late '60s...

That's my dad (only grownup dude in the photo)
trying to corral my brother
(he's in that snappy white shorts suit)
so he doesn't run roughshod over everyone else
in his age group as they hit the egg finding field.

I fared SO much better this particular year
in the fashion department
than my brother did -- groovy suit, dude.

As I sit here writing this in my shorts, t-shirt and bare feet, I'm reminded of what a different time it was then. More proper and genteel. More formal. And while my lifestyle today lends itself to a more necessary laid-back existence, part of me still misses the thrill of a new dress and the specialness of getting dolled up to go to a party.

It was an occasion. In every good sense of the word.


TopSurf said...

Fantastic, all of it. It definitely looks like good, good times. Happy Easter!

bronsont said...

Good post, and not that different from Easter in Tennessee in the 50's.

Thanks for the share :)

TinyShrimp said...

I love all the pics. You were a cutie.

perpstu said...

Great post! The first picture of you and your brother is so cute - and makes it VERY obvious where Will gets his looks!

Awesome pics....

pritcharddesign said...

what great photos! And memories, of course!

Cat said...

Cute pictures!

I like your white lace tights. I had those, and some in black also.

My mom would always dress my brother & I up for Easter, sometimes in co-ordinating outfits. And my grandma was in the millinery, so we had lots & lots of bonnets. Oh yeah, & gloves too. It was a very big deal when we were young.

I still love to get all glammed up, altho around here in Florida it's quite a bit more casz.