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Tampa Bay March of Dimes Walk
Saturday, April 25th

Yeah. We're doing it.

Find out how you can be a part of it here: 

Thanks and love.

PS: This photo was taken when Will was about eight weeks old. 
His health was so precarious at the beginning 
that I didn't get to hold him for about six weeks. 
The look on my face in this photo speaks volumes.


Wildhair said...

Reading that you didn't get to hold your Will for six weeks just made tears ooze from my eyes. I cannot imagine. No wonder you're beaming in this photo.
God bless your miracle, Jane.

bronsont said...

You go Will!

Nuf Sed :)

WildfireBelle said...

Beautiful photo of an incredible moment. Thank you for sharing!

TopSurf said...

Wonderful photo...totally made my day!