Playing the Hot Corner: Casanova

A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life.
~ Author Unknown

I knew it was going to come someday. Thought I was even prepared for it. Part of life and the logical progression of things and all.

I just wasn't expecting it to happen so soon. Like now. This morning.

I was thrown over by my boy child for a cute younger woman.


Baseball Saturday. We were sitting in the dugout, Will and I, chatting about swinging the bat and how we were going to keep our collective eyes on the ball when we were at the plate.

And then she arrived. Lindsey. Bubbly. Brunette. In her yellow "Rays Community Outreach" t-shirt -- she had come to the game today as a representative of the American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays. WHOOOOO!!! She sat down on the bench next to us -- a pebble had gotten in her trainers and she took her shoe off to shake it out.

"Hewhoo," said the spider, who sported the slightly toothless grin of a seven-year-old male, to the fly.

"Well hi there! What's your name?" The Object of Will's Affection took off her sunglasses to chat.

"My name is Will and I am seven years old."

He would have offered up his home phone number, address and the fact that he likes long walks on the beach if he'd been given half the chance. But it was National Anthem time and so the declaration of everlasting love would have to wait until the rocket's red glare had come and gone.

Lindsey stood up and asked Will if he was ready to play some baseball. That was all it took. He stood up, grabbed her hand and said "Let's go!" But before they could ride off into the sunset together, he turned, looked at me and said, with ominous emphasis, "BYE."

Well then.

Just call me Chopped Liver. Red Headed Step Child. Wallflower.

The happy couple walked to the third base line for the anthem singing. Will's antsy pants soon got the better of him and I had to become the proverbial third wheel in order to keep the ensuing chaos down to a minimum.

As chance would have it, my future-daughter-in-law was assisting in the field on first base. In a smidge of lovely serendipity, Will's favorite Rays player is Carlos Peña. Who plays first base. Cupid's arrow really had some heat on it today.

Every time Will hit and ran to first, the charm was in full effect. Smiles. Giggles. The "aren't I cute" look.


Eventually, the attention span of the seven-year-old boy won out over the affection of the seven-year-old boy and our interest in baseball and all its charms for the day waned. I knew that It was time to go when he played right field from the relative comfort of his tuchus.

But the die had been cast. The Flirt had been unleashed. I knew he had the potential within him --but this was the first time he used his powers to charm so thoroughly. Including totally throwing me over for a babe.

I suppose it's now my turn to feel the growing pains. Part of the process. Not sure if I'm ready, but, like with most motherhood-type things, I really have no choice.

Let's go.


perpstu said...

Aaawww! It was bound to happen sooner or later, Will is a very charming boy. I hoped it would take 10 more years. I feel your pain, I am thrown over on a regular basis for young hotties. LW winks and flirts like nobody's business!

We will commiserate over cocktails in July!

Mitchypoo said...

Too funny! I can only imagine how it made you feel. And he's only 7! Wait for 9-10 years from now. You'll be ready by then hopefully!

TopSurf said...

Already? OMG, but you gotta love how cute he was with her right? Adorable. Hang on tight Mama it will be a wild ride!

bronsont said...

LOL you're lucky he isn't 16, then instead of being chopped liver you would have been stuffed under the bench so you didn't cramp his style!

Ruprecht said...

Rupe was grinnin' ear to ear readin' that!

Rupe could just see janey picking her jaw up off the dugout floor time and time again throughout the entire episode. And, Rupe's certain, janey heard nothing whatsoever except the crunching of brick dust 'neath foot as Will and the FDIL walked away. No voices, no crowd noise, no wind, nuthin'.

Just the sound that chopped liver makes.

Whatever that sound is.

Love it, love it, love it.

Unlax, janey. Getcher panties in a bunch this early in the game and your gonna be picking your butt more often than not.

Love, Ruprecht

P.S. Still silently guffawing over here.

P.P.S. You did have the camera with you ......... right???

PQ said...

My brother unleashed his when he was 5...You're lucky Will waited this long.

Seriously though, SO CUTE!!