Forty-five Wishes

1. For Will to continue maximizing his potential

2. Embracing the true essence of myself

3. To see the finish line of that half marathon from the upright position.

4. To continue to get healthy and fit. I’m going to be in the best shape of my life in the not too distant future.

5. Two bathrooms

6. Health for my family and loved ones.

7. Happiness for my family and loved ones.

8. To spend some quality time with those I love.

9. Progress in my many writing projects.

10. Publication!

11. A really relaxing, rejuvenating vacation.

12. A decent night’s sleep.

13. Boston Celtics: NBA Champs

14. Florida Gators: NCAA Football Champs.

15. A bigger kitchen

16. To hear the words “Jon Hamm, Party of Two” and be one of the two

17. A continued shrinking of my tuchus.

18. The sudden appearance of an organizational gene in me.

19. To see snow this year.

20. To see fall this year.

21. To be less guarded.

22. To get out of the house more.

23. To hear live music more frequently.

24. To tell the ones I love that I love them with greater frequency

25. To hear the words “Joseph Fiennes, Party of Two” and be one of the two.

26. The continued shrinkage of my belly.

27. A more tolerant, accepting, gentler society.

28. To have a week when my nails don’t look like a gorilla gave me a pedicure.

29. More than one decent night’s sleep in a row.

30. Longer legs and less wide feet (Hey, these are my wishes. They don’t have to be practical. Or feasible.)

31. Better knife skills in the kitchen.

32. To do some continuing education thing – whether it be studying Spanish or picking up where I left off on my Master’s (English Lit) or taking some real cooking classes.

33. For more good hair days than bad hair days.

34. To continue making new friends.

35. To find some dependable babysitters. (see Wish #22)

36. To get my sports website off the ground. For real. I mean it this time. Not kidding.

37. To spend more quality time in the kitchen.

38. To make progress organizing the myriad family photos I somehow have in my possession.

39. To actually grow a plant successfully. Without killing it.

40. To be the best choir urchin director I can be.

41. To learn one new skill.

42. To hear the words “Copeland (as in Stewart), Party of Two” and be one of the two.

43. To make a difference for the good in my world.

44. To FINALLY do that karaoke thing.

45. To have the chance to make 46 wishes same time next year.


SparkleFarkle said...

Happy Birthday! May all 45 wishes (truly good ones!) come true! If I squint, I can remember my 45th year as being a great age to be. Yes, my name is SparkleFarkle and I am a fossil. (<--- I wish there was a Twelve-step Program for that.)

yoonamaniac said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
I can't believe you haven't done karaoke! How come?

yoonamaniac said...

Oh I forgot to say that I hope all your wishes (including not so practical or feasible one) come true!

Clark said...

Happy Birthday

TeSa said...

Well, I was surprised to see so many of my wishes on your 45 wishes list. I am 43 and a stay at home mom as well, guess it is a mom thing or a mid life thing but either way I hope your wishes come true, and often where applicable. *grins*

karin aka perpstu said...

Happy super de duper belated birthday! I love all of your wishes, I could have made most of them myself!

jason said...

happy belated birthday! Hope it's the start of the best time of your life! :)