Titillating. Simply titillating.

(Will.i.am)Whatcha gonna do with all that breast.. All that breast inside dat shirt

I'ma make make-make-make you work 
make you work-work, make you work

Ah, October. Month of Fests (beer!) Month of music (Rocktober, anyone?) Month of awareness (boobs!)

Heh. It’s rather like sex, drugs and rock-and-roll in very loose terms, all wrapped up in a nice 31 day package. (and don’t even get me started on the sugar-fueled screamfest at the end of the month)

Let’s take a closer look at the performer playing the “sex” part in this little month-y tableau, shall we?

Boobs. Ta-tas. Breasts.

Some chicas give theirs names (not my style, but whatever floats your proverbial water bra.)

Objects of desire and lust. Alluring. Enticing. Fabulous.

And in my case – real and spectacular.

The very definition of femininity.

And the target of an insidious form of cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It’s time to Think Pink, y’all.

There are statistics a-go-go everywhere right now about patients and survivors and research and funding. Numbers. Facts. Cold and hard.

But this breast cancer thing has a much more warm, tender, personal face, as far as I’m concerned.

My Aunt Munch

My Auntie Ruth

My (male) cousin Ray

My mother-in-law

My longtime friend Janet, who is a three-year survivor. At age 45.

This is what breast cancer looks like, as far as I’m concerned.

And while I didn’t get my act together fast enough this year to do my usual part for the cause – participating in the area’s Komen Race for the Cure – I’m lending a hand, in a manner of speaking, to things in a very sassy way.

I’m flashing y’all. Letting it all hang out. Being very titillating. Literally and figuratively.

I showed ‘em for Boobiethon.

That’s right. Bared my tits for the camera. Both in some of my favorite lingerie and au natural.


The outpouring – or should I say unveiling – for this cause has been fantastic. Chicas (and dudes) have been checking their inhibitions at the door and sharing themselves to help raise funds (y’all have to pony up $$ to see the naked shots) and raise awareness for breast cancer. And lest you think it’s all about being sassy – the shots of the survivors, with the scars telling the stories of bravery and faith and hope will affect you in unexpected and sobering ways. Trust me.

I daresay that you know someone. Are related to someone. Are someone. Someone who's been affected by breast cancer.

So what are you waiting for – go check out Boobiethon.

You won’t be disappointed. Promise.

And if any of y’all can figure out which shots are mine… we’ll talk.


AsKatKnits said...

and don't forget the all important SocktoberFest! While you are sharing your ta-ta's you can get your knit on! Your feet will thank you!


Ruprecht said...

*woot woots*

Wildhair said...

oooh pretty bra. WAy to go, Jane. I left 'em guessing with only a couple of clues.

bronsont said...

was inspired by the queen of Rallyboobs and submitted my rallyboobs in her honor! :)

David O'Donnell said...

Blue is a lovely color! It suits you :)

On a limb with Claudia said...

I think you're awesome! This definitely proves it!

Karin aka perpstu said...

Awesome! Gorgeous bra BTW! I;m so happy so many people are getting involved in Boobiethon this year!

yoonamaniac said...

Those ARE real and spectacular! I should know I groped it back in July!

Hey I have a question. How do you wash those bras so that they don't get ruined?