A Day in the Life...

It’s Day Three in my grand “Damn, I’m a Hot Mess” self-remodel plan. Yesterday, I took some notes (put 'em in MS Word so I wouldn’t lose them. Yes, I even remembered to hit save periodically...) on the organizationally-challenging moments during my day. This is just a snapshot of them – I hit the highlights.

Please save your applause for the end of the presentation. There will be a chance to ask questions and make comments then.

Over the course of the day, I…

…worked diligently to remember to call Will’s neurologist for a follow-up appointment to the hospital visit. When I finally connected memory and phone, it was after the office closed for the day – they keep a short day on Wednesdays.

… made a list for the grocery store. Good. Helpful
Forgot the list on my desk. Came home with all but one thing on the list, but working so hard wandering back and forth across the store as items popped into my head made me 10 minutes to collect Will from school.

…spent 10 minutes looking for my keys. They were on the shelf in the bathroom. No, I don’t have any idea why either.

…had to wear my brown Chucks with my jeans/black top because I could only find one of my black Chucks. It’s around here someplace.

…did some think-planning about a long-germinating project I want to kick start. Finally. Did I write any of my brilliant ideas down? Guess…

(However, I **did** do something about this today, putting out feelers and coercing possible partners. So there’s that.)

…was mildly proud of myself for being on time for the Choir Urchins. Or at least leaving on time. This was, alas, a temporary thing. Not my fault I was late because a traffic signal was out at a major intersection. However, the jury’s still out on why I couldn’t find the CD with the new music on it that I sent along with my pal last week when I had to miss because of Will’s health issues.

…half packed about five boxes in different rooms of the house. Got distracted each time I started…oooh look! Shiny!

There’s no question I need some help. Or a personal assistant. Preferably one named Jean Paul who will go shopping with me, split a pitcher of sangria and then go dancing.

However, the likelihood of that is about as much as Jon Gosselin trading in his Ed Hardy wear for a Brooks Brothers look. Onto Plan B…

I’ve started reading “Organizing for the Creative Person” and so far, I’ve learned that I have very strong right brained tendencies.

Shocking. Knock me over with a maribou feather.

In the book’s defense, I’m only through chapter two, so there’s undoubtedly more information and helpful hints to be gleaned. One would think. Right?

Meanwhile, I need to go figure out where I left my reader glasses (I’m not going to tell you how many pairs I own, because then this little revelation would be REALLY embarrassing), handle some logistics for the new house and figure out what’s left to do that I need to do during the rest of the day.

Suggestions welcome.


David O'Donnell said...

Keep reading, keep writing, keep trying! You CAN do it. I have every confidence in you.

And you own exactly as many pairs of glasses as you need. I’m certain of it.

bronsont said...

suggests you place homing device in spine of book .... wait, you'd loose the receiver, but you could put a homing device on the books homing device receiver ... but ...

Love your blog Janey :)

karin said...

You're off to a good start! Regarding the grocery list...you have an iPod Touch, right? GroceryIQ. Best app ever. You'll never forget anything again!

I'm proud of you. You're kicking ass and taking names!

Donna said...

June Cleaver and Donna Reed made it look way too easy.

Crystal said...

1. If you have an iPod touch use the note feature for lists. I do. It's amazing. Just be sure to remove items when they are done, get that sense of satisfaction. 2. Use the calendar feature for setting alarms. This is the only way I ever remember to do anything. 3. Always and I mean ALWAYS remember it is better to be a hot mess than a boring, frumpy, fugly mess.

Ruprecht said...


Yes .... you.

You're good you. Rock 'n' roll good.

Yes, you are.