It's Monday. Meme Monday. Shaken, Not Stirred

Yay! More useless information about me! Wheee!

do you get regular massages?: No. But how lovely would that be?
do you have an answering machine?: Nope. Voice mail. Which I’m always forgetting to check. Even though there’s that weird dial tone that indicates we’ve got messages.

what cuss word do you use the most?: Shit, crap, fuck, damn. Yeah. I know.
are you underweight or overweight?: I prefer “curvy”
can you see your veins?: No, actually. But I had to look.

soap?: Ivory for the basics, but I LOVE Neutrogena cocoa butter body wash

fruit?: Banana
. Or maybe apple. Oooh no -- fig.
kind of red meat?: either a filet or a burger. Both prime cut. Both cooked rare.
fish?: Swedish

candy bar?: Zero bar.

Have you ever
eaten a whole bag of potato chips?: Please. Have we just met?
eaten lobster?: Yep. Prefer crab, but lobster’s not bad
climbed a mountain?: Indeed I have. NC mountains. The view will take your breath away.

been skydiving?: Heck no.

been water skiing?: No, believe it or not. Odd for a native of the F-L-A.

Do you
wish you could change something about your life?: Yes. Yes I do. And we'll leave it at that.
like your nose?: It’s not bad.

like salt and vinegar chips?: YUM! YES!
eat salsa?: But of course.
own a boat?: Does a 30 year old canoe count?

What is
 a small thing that people let slide but that actually has dire consequences?: 
your most macho trait?: I swear like a sailor and adore sports

the longest relationship you've ever had?: Married 12 years/been together 15
your most embarrassing thoughts?: Usually something lascivious about a member of the opposite sex
your most shameful moment?: Like I’m going to tell y’all that…


bath/shower?: Love a bath, but usually only a shower fits the schedule

markers/crayons?: Crayons!

pens/pencils?: Pens
jelly/cream cheese?: It depends. But the jelly’s usually grape.
bagel/toast?: yes


My greatest weakness is...: my tender heart

I wish I was...: about two inches taller. All in my legs.
Three things I wouldn't do for a million dollars is...: murder, harm someone, robbery
The oddest thing I've ever put in my mouth is...: Let’s go with octopus


credit card you had?: I had a Master Card in college for emergencies. However, I thought an “emergency” was a sale at Burdines. First credit card I had on my own was a Maas Brothers card.

loan you got was for?: living room furniture
first paycheck was for how much?: You know, I can’t remember specifically. I had summer jobs and babysitting gigs. But my first grown-up job paid $13K a year. That’s right. Oy.
time you had stitches?: I sliced open my right pinky finger knuckle breaking a Mayor McCheese glass trying to force ice into it. I was a senior in high school. Why I remember those details is beyond me.
time you went to the hospital for something?: See above.


list everything you ate in the last 24 hours?: Since when did you become my trainer? Please.
last thing you used a credit card for?: Amazon.
what was your last job?: Other than being a SAHM to Young William, I was a copy editor/proofreader/writer for a printing company before motherhood abruptly came a'calling.
last thing you celebrated?: New Years!
last time you were at a sports bar?: Ferg’s to watch football. However, with baseball season just around the corner, my time there will increase shortly. Yay!


Karin said...

I love the randomosity of this post! I need to start using my Lose It app again so I actually remember what I put in my mouth every day!

Miss V said...

Love this get acquainted/reacquainted posts. Getting in touch with who we are in 2010..yippeee