Saturday Sloth: Brrrrrr Edition

I like these questions today -- they're all over the board. Kinda like me. Plus, it's Arctic-like outside in the F-L-A. I'm chilled and a little random... ooooh look! Shiny!

1. Do you have a former lover who you feel is “the one who got away”?
Yeah. I do. He’s the one I always go to that “what if” place in my mind whenever I happen to think of him. Which, thank goodness, isn’t as often as it used to be.

2. Do you have a nickname? If yes, do you like it?
Where do I start? There's Janey, which I adore -- along with the variation Miss Janey, used most frequently by the Choir Urchins. My pops calls me Girlie. And then there's the whole "full name" thing involving my first and middle names. Jane Elizabeth. Which is used more than you think. But only certain people can get away with calling me that...

3. Did you go to theater, museums, or art galleries growing up?
Absolutely. I can remember going, at about age six, to a special kids concert program given by the Florida Orchestra. When I was a bit older, we had tickets to the first Broadway series programmed by our local performing arts center.

Saw “Annie” and “A Chorus Line.”

Guess which one I liked best?

Step, kick, kick, leap, kick, touch...Again!

Even then, my inner gay man had a voice.

We also went to museums whenever we were on vacation. And historical sites. Lots and lots of historical sites. Granted, many of them were Civil War sites. Or, as it's known in some of my family circles, The War of Northern Aggression. I've seen Robert E. Lee's horse's -- the long-suffereing Traveller -- grave at Washington & Lee University. I was also able, as a tweenager, to identify an antique style by just looking at the legs or lines of a chair. Ball and claw, anyone? Maybe a Hepplewhite.

Yeah. I know.

Gotta give my folks credit -- they made sure I had culture in my life at an early age. And for that, I will always be grateful. And very thankful.

4. What shoes are you wearing right at this moment?
None. Are you kidding? I’m the barefoot queen. Even though it's cold enough to snow outside at the moment. And my sad excuse for a pedicure is proof. Although I have about seven pairs of shoes under my desk. Does that count?

5. What do people who know you think is your best feature?

I’ve been told I have fabulous hair, pretty eyes, a good nose, and, well, great tits. You pick.

Although I'd like to think my mind is my best feature of all.

That and the tits. Oh -- and the hair too. Plus my eyes.

Shut up.

6. What do you like on your pizza?
Sausage and onion. Extra cheese. Thin-ish crust.

However, this is not appropriate food for me at this point in my Healthy Living Quest. So boooooo to you for bringing it up.


I love pizza. Sigh.

7. Do you believe people who curse generally do so because of a lack of vocabulary?
Holy shit! What the f#&$ do you mean? I swear like a bloody sailor and consider myself to have a pretty damn extensive vocabulary. So, the answer, at least in my case, is hell no.

8. How well do you sing?
Not bad. Pretty good, actually.

Here, let me demonstrate...

HA! Faked you out.

Unless you really would like to hear me croon a tune...

9. How well do you get along with your family?
Remarkably well. Again, thank goodness because I live 10 minutes from my parents. We’re both really good about respecting one another’s boundaries. For the most part. Ahem. And it’s nice that they’re so close, considering that Will and I are a dynamic duo during the week, as the mister travels every M-F for work. And my beloved brother and his family are just about 90 minutes away. Also a gift.


Wildhair said...

Always interesting replies. Thanks for not being general :)

I just logged on to Google reader. I'm behind not only on your blog but on my own. I'll be borrowing this for my own lazy purposes.

*word verification* holdom

Karin said...

First of all, you know your favorite nickname is fucker, don't lie. Second, your best feature? Obviously "the rack." If you don't believe me we can find a certain cute blonde Brazilian, or Pierre.....

Miss V said...

Just want to know if your boobs are still a good feature you are doing better than me!

Crystal said...

Our soul sisterhood is confirmed once again. We have the exact same pizza toppings. LOL.