If music be the food of love, play on. Tuesday Tunes

It's been way too long since I've played word association with my crazy-diverse iTunes collection. Here's a glimpse into that part of my that moves to a syncopated beat. (OK, sometimes it's syncopated. Sometimes it's not. Just go with me here...)

Storm: “Stormy Weather” ~ Lena Horne

Dark: “Whistling in the Dark” ~ They Might Be Giants

Late: “Stay Up Late” ~ Talking Heads

Heavy: “Heavy Metal Drummer” ~ Wilco
How can I not love a song with the lyric
“she fell in love with the drummer.”

Television: “Sleeping With the Television On” ~ Billy Joel
from arguably my favorite complete Billy Joel album,
the underrated Glass Houses

Leave: “Could I Leave You?” ~ Follies
From the musical "Follies" written by Stephen Sondheim.
If you're new here, I love him like it's my job.

Busy: “Cat’s In the Cradle” ~ Harry Chapin

Smooth: “Agua de Beber” ~ Astrud Gilberto
& Antonio Carlos Jobim

Gentle: “Gentle on My Mind” ~ Glen Campbell

And because I cannot help myself,
I give you the opposite of gentle:

Hurt: “Down in the Depths” ~ Lisa Stansfield

One of my most favorite songs in the entire world.
'Twas written by my musical idol, Cole Porter.

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Web-Betty said...

Great word association list. Where did the words come from? xoxoxo