Meme Monday. Still rockin' in the free world.

Hello and welcome to yet another (over)sharing from the World According to Janey. There will be a quiz at the end of the lesson, so pay attention!

…is easy to love?
Young William, natch!

…do you just wanna smack?
There’s a list. Hold on…

…do you talk to when you’re alone?
Myself. The telly. God. Not necessarily in that order.

…dangerous things do you do while driving?
Drive too fast. Let my mind wander and think about stuff other than what’s on the road. Yeah. I know.

…would you never, ever, ever give up?
Iced tea and cheese. Never. Ever. Ever.

…is Satan’s last name?
It changes on a daily basis. Today it’s Mel Gibson. Bastid, that one is.

…is the last thing that moved you?
Thinking about the daughter of one of my BFFs and how she treats Will like a regular kid. Their relationship is amazing and brings me to tears on a regular basis.

…is the freakiest thing in your house?
My KGB phone. What?

…is it time to turn over a new leaf?
When the old one is too shriveled to be useful and is too dried to serve as a good place to hide behind.

…will you be all that you can be?
A question I ask myself every single day…

…is enough enough?
When I figure it out, I’ll let y’all know. Remember what Mother Teresa said: “I know God never gives you more than you can handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.”

…do you go to the dark side?
When I need to eat. And when I spend too much time by myself. Which is more than you'd think. I don’t do well when left alone too long. So text/e-mail and check on me – ‘kay?

…are your pants?
Hugging my tuchus at the moment.

…is your last will and testament?
Sitting on the mister’s desk, waiting for us to find a notary and a witness. Any volunteers?

…is your junk food stash?
Since I’m really trying to eat clean, I don’t have one at the moment. Although it’s usually in the freezer, since I’m a sucker for ice cream.

…are you the happiest?
When I’m around water – beach, lake, pool. It soothes me somehow. Perhaps I am part mermaid.

…are there no seat belts on school buses?
Whoa. I never thought of this. Budget, probably. Or piss-poor planning.

…are musicians sexy and plumbers aren’t?
Seriously? You’re asking this question of the woman who’s been in love with Stewart Copeland for 30 years? The chick who has tales yet untold about myriad relationships with tune-making dudes? The girl for whom music is a serious aphrodisiac?

Although a plumber who solves the problem of malfunctioning indoor plumbing could look awfully good to this diva in the right light…

…did the chicken cross the road?
Because he could, dammit!

…do we revere athletes more than teachers?
Do not get me started on this one…

Would you...
…swim the English channel for a doughnut and coffee? If not, what?
Quite possibly. If the doughnut was a Krispy Kreme Hot Now and the coffee Cuban.

…forgive someone who deliberately hurt you?
Yes. I have. And under the right circumstances, I will continue to do so.

…rather believe a lie if it hurt you less than the truth?
No. The truth will, as they say, set you free. And it eliminates the persistent, paralyzing what ifs.

…still need me, would you still feed me, when I’m 64?
Yeah. Yes I will.

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bronsont said...

What, you have no Gene Autry on your iPod?