Being Bodacious: The One Where We Sing About...

If music be the food of love, play on
~ Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Ally McBeal considered it.

Carol Burnett had a very famous one.

So did Lucille Ball. And Mary Tyler Moore.

A personal theme song.

And while those ladies of the small screen had songs that were associated with their programs on the telly, the lyrics, when you think about it, were fairly personal and descriptive.

There was a commercial a couple of years ago for some product or other that featured a man who had another dude that walked behind him, pulling a wagon carrying a boom box that played his personal theme song. Loved it. Not only for the humor value but because I’m enough of a diva to consider doing something like that.

A theme song should serve a couple of purposes, the way I see it. First, it should be a song YOU love. Not like, not tolerate, not think is just so-so. LOVE.

Second, it should be a song whose lyrics – and even the melody – should represent some part, some essence of you.

A song that makes you feel good.

Gives you confidence.

Lifts your spirits.

Highlights your bodaciousness.

So, my bodacious sistahs – this week, we all want to know what your personal theme song is… and why you chose it. Why it speaks to you and for you. How it makes you feel.

Remember what the late great Mama Cass said…
You gotta make your own kind of music
Sing your own special song
Make your own kind music
Even if nobody else sings along

There’s one difference though – I bet you’ll have lot of us (me to begin with) singing right along with you.

So let’s hear it y’all – sing it loud. Sing it proud.

It’s all about you.

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Molly said...

This fits in with a meme that I am signed-up to do. Hmmmm, let me think.