Does size matter? Don't ask me...

It's a good thing I'm charming. And reasonably witty.

Because sometimes, I am a complete idiot. Especially when it comes to matters involving the left side of my brain.

Once upon a time (OK, it was about five years ago) I received an eBay purchase in the mail that wasn't what I expected. Given my love of eBay, you'd think this would happen more often than it does. But it's an infrequent occurrence. And it usually has to do with me... well, you'll see. Read onward, y'all...

This purchase was advertised as a GIANT Promo Poster for the Who Rocks America Tour, circa 1982. I saw that tour when it hit Orlando and the late, great Tangerine Bowl -- fantastic show, weird bill. The Who, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and the B-52s. The latter of which got literally booed off the stage, accompanied by a hailstorm of crumpled up Schlitz beer cups. The groovy nuances of Fred Schnieder and Co. were lost on that Who-lovin' crowd. That was also the show after which my boyfriend and I experienced a bit of interruptus courtesy of the Tampa Police Department after we were asked to move along from parking in a city lot on our way home from the show. But again, I digress...

For some reason that escapes me now, I ended up with a tour poster, which I hung in my dorm room -- Roger Daltry and his tight pants were the main attraction. And when I saw this being advertised by a seller from whom I was buying some CDs (Julian Cope! The Replacements!) I thought that having a replica would be kinda cool. A bit of nostalgia and all that jazz.

I should have looked at the dimensions more closely.

This thing is friggin' huge. A virtual planetoid. Might have its own weather system.

The damn poster is 48 X 72. Four feet by six feet. GIANT indeed.

What the hell was I thinking?

I obviously have a problem understanding size.


Not the first time this has happened with an eBay purchase. Probably not the last.

I had originally planned to hang it on the closet door in the office of our old house. Thinking it would be regular poster sized. Like the one from my dorm room. That kept my Billy Joel poster company. And competed with my Clark Gable poster for my affection.

That never happened. It could have seriously been wallpaper for the entire inside of a closet. With some leftovers.

So Roger and Pete and Co. languished in the mailing tube for years. Homeless. But still wanted.

But finally, I have a place to display the Who. In a spot big enough to handle their, well, size. There's now a wall in my house where a piece of my youth and a symbol of my middle-aged incompetency can reside.

Now, who wants a Schlitz....


Penny said...

that is hilarious. That is all.

Karin said...

Hahaha! When I read "giant" I assumed it was normal concert poster size, not banner announcing the concert size.