Aboard the High Seas ... the REALLY High Seas

And now I know how the passengers on the Minnow felt.

We're bobbing around in the Caribbean, somewhere between Belize and Guatemala. In the midst of a stormy cold front (who knew those things even existed in the tropics...)

Gale force winds. Rain. And whitecap-crested surf. Up, down, all around. It's crazy. Our stop in Belize got canned because of the inclement weather. Which is disappointing and also OK. I'm nursing a cold. Damnit. It's either the same one that felled my family on Christmas or a new germ-ridden delight. Regardless, I feel yucky. So it's probably not a bad thing for me just to hang out on the ship, read, watch America's Next Top Model on the iPod and chill.

The highlight of the trip so far was my overwhelming victory in the pop culture game show. The second place contestant: 1900 points. Me: 10,300 points. I came, I saw, I kicked ass and took names. Next stop: World Series of Pop Culture (anyone want to form a team with me?)

It's been a fun time so far -- did some drinking and poking around in Key West. Found an independent bookstore that I could have easily spent hours in. Drank at Sloppy Joe's, in honour of Papa H.

Next stop: Guatemala. Here's hoping I don't encounter Thurston and Lovey somewhere along the way.



SusanD said...

Oooh, sorry about the bad weather! I hope it's nicer in Guatamala. But YAY on the pop-culture mega victory! You humiliated the competition!

Wildhair said...

You know, Spears has a dream of being on the World Series of Pop Culture Tourney. He says he can throw down with the best of them and kick ass in 80s trivia...no one dares to play him in 80s Edition of Trivial Pursuit. If I were you, I'd start coming up with a team name lol

laura petrie said...
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laura petrie said...

With all humbleness, I think that Spears and I and a Player-To-Be-Named-Later would make a hell of a WSPC team... what about you, Miss Riss -- you're pretty damn good with this stuff!

Wildhair said...

I'm merely a zygote amongst the brain-age, trivia scholars. But I curtsy to the compliment.