Pimp Corner: AI Edition

Yeah, you read that header correctly... I'm pimping out my pals. In a good way. And unlike HRC and WJC, I'm not ashamed to admit it -- or to use that vernacular.

First up: Run, don't walk to my good friend Susan DiPlacido's blog, Neon Fiction. Aside from being a hell of a great author (if you like a good, steamy read with engaging characters and actual plot, I can highly recommend anything in her oeuvre), she's a riotous and spot-on American Idol commentator. Plus, she often telestrates with great visual aids. I love her and her work, if you couldn't tell.

Next: For some more great observations and visuals, check out Wildhair (aka Miss Riss) and her musings on the AI events of the evening.

Finally: If you find yourself making snide comments to your cat about the national insanity that is American Idol while the show is rolling on your telly, come make yourself at home with the AI Live Chat at Sean Daly's Pop Life blog. We'll give you much more feedback than your cat and probably commend you on your excellent commentary ability.

It's an AI world right now, people. We're just living in it. Might as well have fun.

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