My adorable new haircut is


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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

So, where's a pic? I just got mine cut this week, but my single word for it is dumpy. ;-(

I'm waiting three weeks and then getting it fixed. I sort of think of it as "that" sort of fixed - like my hair now needs neutering, thanks to this lousy cut.

I'm glad you're feeling sassy, though!

citizen jane said...

Gotta get up enough nerve to take a pic, much less post it... I am woefully camera-phobic.

I feel your pain over the haircut, having had many a bad one in my life and times. The great thing about hair though is that it (usually *knock on wood*) grows back and out. I'll help you count down the three weeks -- been there myself more than once.

Mariposa said...